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Our DNA:

Lehner Wool is the specialist for 100% sheep wool. Our great strength is in our knowledge of the special properties of sheep wool and the purely mechanical processing of this multifaceted natural product. We are driven by the vision of developing innovative solutions for all areas of life: sustainable, healthy and unique.

We are fascinated by the unique raw material of sheep's wool, one of the most recycled and reusable fibres in the world. Sustainable, renewable and compostable. Due to the chemical structure of the wool fibre, it brings so many advantages that we benefit from in product development. For our products, we only use mulesing- and chlorine-free wool from controlled organic animal farming. "Mulesing" is the term used to describe a scary practice of removing the skin around the tail of sheep - without any painkillers. No one needs it and especially not sheeps.

Raw material: sheep wool

We source our unique raw material virgin sheep wool through our long-standing network of suppliers. With long-term cooperation and responsible purchasing practices, we create secure supply structures for our sheep farmers. Growing wool is not a day job but a way of life. The health and happiness of a wool farmer are inextricably linked to the health and happiness of the sheep he looks after. Depending on the type of wool and its intended use, our wool comes from Europe (Austria, Germany, Switzerland). In Austria, for example, around 410,000 sheep of various breeds are kept. Annual wool production of a sheep is 2.50 - 4 kg, depending on the breed and shearing weight. During the growth of the wool, the sebaceous glands form the lanolin, which coats each wool hair and holds the hairs together, preventing moisture from reaching the skin. Special natural melanges are sourced as needed from various regions of the world.

Colourful sheeps?

We use wool from white sheeps, but of course also from black sheeps. To ensure that your carpet has such beautiful colours, we have the wool dyed according to the REACH regulation, which corresponds to the Oeko-Tex standard. This regulation means the registration, evaluation, authorisation and restriction of chemical substances of the European Community, so the wool dyeing complies with the European chemical law. This enables consumers to be provided with information on substance properties and to make decisions in the area of chemicals and products.

We take on responsibility

All of our recent factory and office buildings have been built using low-energy construction methods and sustainable materials, and we cover our energy needs primarily through our solar and photovoltaic systems. For this we were awarded the Energy Globe Award and the Climate Protection Prize.
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Our advantages


Your carpet will retain its colour even in bright light and strong sunlight, so you can also use it in your conservatory or other outdoor areas without worrying.


As sheep wool is water-repellent, you can also use Lehner Wool products optimally in covered outdoor areas. If a little moisture gets on the carpet, that's no problem at all. 


Our felt is washable, but changes its structure in the process. Our carpets are not washable, but can be vacuumed with a smooth nozzle, dust and dirt can also be easily brushed out. 


You don't have to worry about losing colour in the blazing sun or rain. Due to our natural dyeing according to the REACH regulation, our wool retains its colour. 

Hardly flammable

Wool as a keratin fibre has the great property of suffocating in itself when it comes into contact with fire. This means that the fire does not spread any further but is suffocated. You can imagine this as with hair: if you set fire to a strand of hair, it only stinks but does not burn any further. 


Our products are very durable due to the jute core, which makes the cords hard-wearing. Each carpet edging is also previously rolled and thus has an even stronger structure.


Sheep wool is a renewable raw material that is available worldwide. We source it as regionally as possible in Austria, Switzerland and Europe t. As long as there are sheep, there will be great wool. 


Sheep wool can be recycled and is compostable. As we do not use any additives, our products can be disposed of without concern or cost. 
Hardly flammable
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