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Lehner loves 100% wool. Lehner Wool is the specialist for 100% sheep wool. Our great strength lies in our knowledge of the special properties of sheep's wool and the purely mechanical processing of this versatile natural product. Our common thread leads from concentration on the core competence of virgin sheep's wool to the courage to experiment and the prudent development of new markets. Lehner Wool is characterised not only by the agility of a traditional handicraft business, but also by the human qualities of an organically grown family business. Through constant change, we always strive to adapt to new markets and environments and to seize new opportunities.

Lehner Wool

About us.

Innovation as a vision

We are driven by the vision of developing innovative and high-quality solutions for all areas of life: Sustainable, healthy and unique. To achieve this, we put the experience of two generations and over 50 years of development work into all our brands. Our core is and remains virgin sheep's wool - pure, unadulterated and soft as wool. This is the raw material from which we manufacture all our products - are free of adhesives, biocides and synthetic support fibres. This means 100% healthy and sustainable quality products made from virgin sheep's wool, which combine functionality and zeitgeist in a unique way.

Creative minds

In our family business in Waizenkirchen, 50 employees work in various areas. Starting with the hotline team, which takes care of your orders, and the creative team, which is responsible for marketing, e-commerce and social media. The Iso team is the heart of the ISOLENA and Silentum brands, producing insulation and felts. Things are colourful in the Wool team, which is responsible for preparing and preparing coloured wool, which is then handed over to the Sheepworld team. The Sheepworld team processes the wool and uses it to make great products for the STYLIT brand. Our all-round team is versatile in its work. From the production of the carpets to the processing of the patterns, everything is part of the team. Here we sew, cut, weave and much more.
Sustainability as a guiding principle




600 tons

sheep wool/year

Wool Technology

centre Austria



6.000 QM

production area


100% recyclable

Made in



worldwide export

Made in Austria.

We want to be responsible for our environment and climate protection because we passionately believe that the world would be a better place if everyone took care of our planet in their everyday lives and used the available raw materials more wisely. When we say that sustainability is our main mission, we do not mean that sustainability is something to aspire to, but that it is the only possible path for us to take.

Under the motto "Think global - act local", high-quality thermal insulation, acoustic insulation materials, carpet systems and decorative products are produced at our regional location, and new technologies are constantly being developed. Our products are a renewable raw material that guarantees not only a healthy indoor climate but also excellent insulation values, regulates humidity and permanently frees the air from pollutants. Virgin sheep's wool is a natural product that can be returned to the ecological cycle at any time. The sheep's wool we process has been tested and awarded many times and is ecologically and technically strictly certified.

We are convinced

that production from renewable raw materials

is the order of the day.

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