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Sustainability - from the idea to the product

In our weaving mill in Austria, which was founded in 1969, we weave your unique piece by hand. We use 100% sheep's wool, dye it according to the REACH process and spin the yarns for your unique piece. Did you know that our oldest loom was built in 1965 and our warping machine dates back to the 1940s? This traditional craft has been around for as long as we have, but we always love to reinvent ourselves.

Individuality from a designer hand

In collaboration with the young textile designer, we developed the FELICE modular system. Anna Mooren developed carpets with character that give every room more personality. Timeless design classics or expressive art - woven by hand with wool.

Renewable raw material

Sheep's wool is a renewable raw material. All wool for Lehner rugs is selected according to ecological standards and contains no insecticides.


Sheep's wool is self-cleaning. This is because it naturally contains lanolin. This natural wool wax keeps the fibre vital and protects it from heavy soiling.

Regulates the living climate

Sheep's wool absorbs up to 33% of its own weight in moisture from the room air and releases it again when the environment is dry. In this way, it has a regulating effect on the living climate.

100% recyclable

FELICE rugs are made of 100 % natural fibres. This means they are 100% recyclable and in this way also make a contribution to the environment.
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Everything in the green area

Walking on this rug formation feels like walking on a green meadow. The row of flat-woven rugs combined with the «Viscum» high-pile model creates an up-and-down effect.

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Fresh, Wild and Orange

This orange rug composition brings a summery and Mediterranean feeling into your home. Not for nothing does the colour orange stand for exuberance and light and warmth. With this strong and cheerful arrangement of the FELICE modules «Ribes Tahini» and «Viscum Orange» and «Salix Orange» and a good mood is guaranteed.

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Natural oasis bathroom

You're in the mood for nature? Then try this rug combination: dark green tones that radiate serenity and tranquillity are the flat «Tilia Fir» rug and the high-pile «Viscum Fir» with its soft wool loops. Here and walking barefoot feels like walking on a mossy forest floor.

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We know that shopping online is not always easy. That's why we're here to help and advise you if you have any questions. Especially when it comes to combining the different FELICE rug modules, we are happy to support you with our expertise so that your dream rug is at your feet.

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