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Rug module M1

Viscum Nougat

Brown| 65 x 65 cm
489,60 €

Rug module M1

Ribes White

Creme, White | 65 x 65 cm

Rug module M5

Salix Cappuccino

Creme, White, Brown| 130 x 195 cm
1.123,20 €
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Inspiration for your home

Here we make suggestions for beautiful and trendy carpet combinations in various sizes for different living, working and home areas. We have compiled stylish templates that suit many rooms and furnishing styles. Get inspired!

Teppich Kombinationen für deine KücheTeppich Kombinationen für deine Küche
Colourfully jazzed up

With a colourful rug, you can add attractive splashes of colour to your living space, giving it a lot of cosyness and liveliness.

Anthrazitfarbene Küche mit grünen Teppich ModulenAnthrazitfarbene Küche mit grünen Teppich Modulen
Green splashes of colour

Green rugs add a lively accent to your room. With this friendly colour, you can bring a piece of nature into your home.

Harmoniously tuned

Bring new accents into your home with harmoniously coordinated colour tones. This gives the room a very special, cosy character.

Natural oasis bathroom

Your bathroom looks bare, empty and uncomfortable? No problem! Our FELICE modules open up countless possibilities to make your bathroom homely and set colourful accents.

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Anthrazitfarbene Küche mit grauenTeppich ModulenAnthrazitfarbene Küche mit grauenTeppich Modulen
Noblesse in grey-white

Thanks to their unobtrusive and neutral colour, grey carpets are real all-rounders. Turned into a colourful eye-catcher in combination with upbeat colours.

Teppich Kombinationen für deine KücheTeppich Kombinationen für deine Küche
Colourful diversity

As with food, there are also personal preferences when it comes to furnishing. The main thing is that the ingredients are right: classic or modern - or creatively mixed?

Fresh, Wild & Orange

Orange carpets transform the room into a feel-good oasis. Combined with natural tones, this rug colour is suitable for the boho living style and brings joy of life and intense colours into your own four walls.

Endless combination possibilities

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