Which home remedy for which stain?


There are many myths about home remedies and their cleansing effect. We took a closer look at 7 of them in our big home remedy test and the results surprised us too.
To the home remedies test!

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What home trends are in vogue? What colors and styles are in vogue? How do you best care for your rugs? Here you will always find new articles to browse, inspire and read.

Colour worlds

Arrangements in orange

You think orange only goes with Halloween? Not at all! Orange is versatile and ranges from the bright fruit color to delicate salmon or apricot. We'll show you how to decorate in style with orange rugs.

Living Trends

A frenzied comeback

The playful rugs with fringe are experiencing a revival again and again: what the great-grandma already liked was en vouge again in the hippie look and is now experiencing a comeback in the boho style.


What rug size fits?

You are looking for a rug for the dining table? Or for the sofa? For each living situation we tell you best practices for calculating the rug dimensions, so that your desired rug fits perfectly into the room.

Colour worlds

Life in bright yellow

Yellow, a stunning colour: whether yellow-green, yellow-white or yellow-grey, bright yellow rugs are a lovely choice when paired with many colours and furnishing styles.

Colour worlds

Light brown, mahogany or chocolate brown?

A large selection of brown shades means that there is a suitable brown rug for almost every lifestyle and environment. Which colours can be harmoniously combined with brown? It’s up to us to show you!

Colour worlds

Stay true to blue

Blue makes true harmony possible. Whether light or dark, in combination with white, black or colourful - blue goes with almost everything and turns your home into a true oasis of well-being.


Rug cleaning made easy

Oh goodness, a stain! Accidents can happen quickly in everyday life. But to prevent them from getting on your rug, it's important to clean and care for it properly.

Colour Worlds

A fresh kick of turquoise

Is it green or rather blue? Wherever you add the colour turquoise, one thing is certain: it's a real kick of colour in your home.

colour worlds

Black is back

Is a black rug too dark? Not at all. It conjures up pure elegance in your living space. A black rug can be uniform or combined with other colours to become a real eye-catcher.


Pure new wool rug guide

A large selection of rugs does not always make for an easier decision. With a few expert tips, we want to help you find the right rug.


Your individual rug

Put your rug together the way you want to! Our FELICE modular system makes it possible.


No chance for the moths!

Different strokes for different folks? Not when it comes to textile moths! Read what you can do to prevent infestation and what methods of prevention you can use if moths have taken hold.

Living trends

Living room rugs

Find out which rug best fits your living room


Well-being without symptoms

Suffering from a house dust allergy? A suitable rug and regular hygiene measures are the be-all and end-all for an everyday life free from unpleasant allergic reactions.

colour worlds

Green rug oasis

Like a piece of green meadow! Green rugs are a splash of colour in your four walls and also bring a piece of nature to your floor.


Rug runners for a cosy home

A visual eye-catcher with numerous advantages! A carpet runner keeps your feet warm, prevents slipping and retains dirt. A hit for every room.


Clinging on? No way!

Your four-legged friend is a member of the family and should be able to move around safely and freely in your home. And yet you don't want to live without a stylish rug? We explain to you what you have to pay attention to so that your pet as well as your rug stay in one pieceShow off your nooks and crannies with creative square rug ideas.


Rugs in Grey

Grey is a true all-rounder. In your home, the relaxed trend colour conveys calm and understatement. Grey rugs are elegant and timeless and bring out the best in other colours.

home ideas

Square rugs

Show off your nooks and crannies with creative square rug ideas


On pink clouds

Pink rugs are not only a dream in a girl's room! Pink and grey carpets are trendy and stylish pink is in fashion.


Crème de la Crème

Natural-coloured rugs can be combined with pretty much anything. A beige, cream or natural-coloured carpet is a classic without an expiry date.