Rugs with dogs, cats and co.

Rugs for pet owners

A pet is never ‘just a pet’ - he/she is in fact a best friend, a therapeutic presence and a family member, all-in-one. Whether you own a dog, a cat or another four-legged friend, pets make a home feel alive and full of character. Your pet wants to be where you are and nothing sounds better than a cosy place where play, sleep and good company abound!  

A nice rug is often your pet’s preferred choice of area to lounge around and snooze on. Many pet owners despair over the endless hairs and stains that find ways onto their favourite rug. However, rugs suited specifically to pet owners do exist!

Rugs in the kitchen Rugs in the kitchen

More cosiness for your home with a rug

Rugs should definitely not be a missing piece in your home! They make your living spaces cosier and more homely, as well as radiating a pleasant and peaceful atmosphere!

With home textiles, you can quickly and easily transform your private space and add new details. The modern designs of the rugs in combination with natural materials, such as wool, have a harmonious effect and create a natural, stylish ambience.

With the right tips and the best fitting material for your rug, your furry friend can lay on his favourite spot on the rug all day long, comfort and cosiness guaranteed! This way, you are not only offering your pet a lovely place to sleep, but also equipping your home with a modern and stylish accessory.


Advantages of a rug with pets

Cats and dogs love cosy furnishing accessories for some reasons:

  • Rugs are more pleasant to walk on than cold tiles or laminate floors. They offer your feet (or paws) maximum comfort, security and a feeling of home.
  • Rugs provide safety, especially for your children and any four-legged friends, so that they can have a better and more secure grip whilst walking and cannot easily slip.
  • Rugs are also noise-absorbing and can reduce walking sounds to quieter and muffled steps. This provides more peace and quiet in an often stressful, loud everyday life.
  • Cosy rugs create an atmosphere that invites an overall feeling of well-being
Cat relaxes on rug «Kärnten» Cat relaxes on rug «Kärnten»

Rugs for pet owners: what to look out for

Rugs and pets are not mutually exclusive, quite the opposite! There are a variety of rugs that are suitable for cats and dogs, hard-wearing and easy to clean. To ensure that not only you, but also your four-legged friend, are both satisfied with your choice of cosy living accessory, you should consider a few important dos and don’ts.


Dog pawn Dog pawn

1. Processing

Suitable rugs for dogs, cats and co.

When buying a new rug, make sure that it has no loops. Bigger loops pose a risk of injury to your four-legged friend. An animal’s claws and/or paws can easily get caught in the loops and cause injuries. To avoid this, you can choose a hand-knotted rug (made of wool) or a hand-woven rug with short loops. These rugs are more stable and durable.

Sheep wool Sheep wool

2. Material

Sheepskin rugs for pet owners

Another important point to consider when buying a new rug is the choice of material. We would recommend choosing a rug made of high-quality new wool.  This material is hard-wearing, making stains and dirt easier to remove. High-quality rugs made of natural materials are recommended for pet-owners - especially as most rugs are made of synthetic fibres and are therefore more difficult to clean, nor as durable as rugs made of natural materials such as wool.

Fur colour matches rug colour Fur colour matches rug colour

3. Design

Choose the right design

When choosing the design, you can be guided by the colour of your pet's coat. If your pet has darker fur, it makes sense to choose a darker rug so that lighter hairs do not show up. Light-coloured animal fur equals a lighter choice rug.

Often, a colourful or patterned rug is the ideal solution! It not only makes the room visually pleasing, but also hides the many pet hairs!

Rugs with dogs, cats and co.: the right way to clean your rug

Now the rug is in the right colour and the right material in the house. And now? Here too, we have a few tips for you on what to look out for in everyday life with pets and rugs:

Tip No. 1:
Vacuum regularly

Regular vacuuming is essential for removing pet hair and dirt from a rug as effectively as possible. Make sure to remove the brush attachment from the hoover so that the fibres are not exposed to too much strain.

Every now and then you can beat your rug using a sustainable tool, as a vacuum cleaner will only remove the suberficial dirt on your rug.

Tip no. 2:

About every four months, it is advisable to hang your rug out in the fresh air for one or two days.

It is important that the rug is not exposed to any rain and is kept dry. This will give it a real freshness boost!


Tip no. 3:
Shake out and pat out

If you have a garden, balcony or terrace, it is a good idea to shake out and beat your rug regularly.

Bacteria and accumulated dirt in the fibres will be removed and your rug will stay fresh and beautiful for a long time. If you do not have the opportunity to clean the rug outside, you can also do this over a large surface or table and then vacuum up the dirt.

A rug beater is great for beating out your rug clean.


Tip no. 4:
Clean natural fibres

Natural fibre rugs create a cosy and stylish ambience in your home. Of course, you want your rug with dog, cat and co. to look fresh and well-kept for as long as possible.

When choosing a cleaning agent, you should therefore make sure that you do not use alkaline lyes on wool, as the rug can lose its strength and elasticity. It is best to use a cleaning agent that is especially suitable for wool or new wool. The rug retains its shape and does not felt.

When cleaning stains, you should proceed in such a way that you work on the stains with a cleaning cloth in small, dabbing movements. Avoid aggressive and rough scrubbing at all costs.

In an interview with pet owner Andrea

Our customer Andrea decided to buy a FELICE rug 2 years ago. We asked her about her rug experiences in a pet household.

Lehner Wool: How do you handle the rug in everyday life with your four-legged friends?

Andrea: Well, our rug is extremely worn. We have 2-3 dogs and the rug is in the main living area, where we spend most of our time with the dogs. It is a furnishing item.

Lehner Wool: How much care does the rug need in a pet household?

Andrea: We turn the rug every month and vacuum it 2-3 times a week. In winter, both sides are beaten in the snow. Of course, it doesn't look new anymore, I think, but I'm still very happy about it.

Lehner Wool: Do you take care to protect the rug from your dogs?

Andrea: It is a sitting and playing surface for us humans, a lying surface for dogs and cats. The only thing our animals are not allowed to do on it, and we have never allowed it, eating on it: Bones, chews, etc. and play on it.

FELICE: The perfect rugs for pet owners

Lehner Wool offers a variety of natural rugs. The high-quality workmanship combined with unique and modern design makes the rugs something special that gives your home charm, cosiness and security. Whether you are looking for a rug for dogs, cats and other animals, or want to redecorate your home - at Lehner Wolle you are guaranteed to find the right model.

  1. General view of side A «Fagus Treat» rug
    FELICE rug module M1
    «Fagus Treat»
    orange, pink | 65 x 65 cm
    Incl. Tax, Free Shipping
  2. General view of side A «Fagus Grey» rug
    FELICE rug module M1
    «Fagus Grey»
    grey | 65 x 65 cm
    Incl. Tax, Free Shipping
  3. General view of side A «Salix Yellow» rug
    FELICE rug module M1
    «Salix Yellow»
    yellow, green | 65 x 65 cm
    Incl. Tax, Free Shipping
  4. General view of side A «Tilia Brown» rug
    FELICE rug module M1
    «Tilia Brown»
    brown | 65 x 65 cm
    Incl. Tax, Free Shipping
  5. Rug in brown-beige-black with pattern
    Rug Brown
    Rug in brown-beige-black with pattern
    130 x 130 cm
    Incl. Tax, Free Shipping