The rug craft

That's what's in your 100% wool handwoven rug.

Family company with heart


For more than 50 years, we have been making hand-woven rugs with heart by hand for you individually in our manufactory in Upper Austria. It all started in 1969 with Kurt and Herta Lehner.

They founded our weaving mill with 2 workers and 3 wooden looms. With a lot of personal commitment and loyal employees, an efficient, innovative hand weaving mill developed over the years, which was taken over by their son Alexander Lehner and his wife Felicitas in 1992.

Together they were inspired above all by the possibilities of the in-house spinning mill and developed new business areas. What unites all business areas is the love of 100% sheep's wool.


How & where is your unique FELICE made? Get exciting impressions behind the scenes.

Design & Development

Who developed my hand-woven rug? Get to know the creative minds!


What matters to us in terms of sustainability? Learn more about our standards!

Wool Know-How

Where does the wool for your unique FELICE come from? Learn more about 100% sheep's wool!
Our manufactory

Rug fabrication

We weave, roll & spin

We source the wool for your FELICE rug from Europe and then have it washed and dyed according to REACH at a washing facility - all regionally, of course! The wool team then prepares the various types of wool, which are then loosened and spun into yarn. We at Lehner like to compare this process with baking a cake: all the ingredients are selected and everything is mixed together in the Kitchen Aid machine.

so that your rug is also hard-wearing

For the FELICE module and design rugs as well as the classics Doppia, Mozart & Carinthia, the spun wool yarns are rolled by the Allround team to give them a firm and closed surface, make them more resistant and stop them from fluffing. Fulling means treating the yarn with water and heat. In a broader sense, the process involves winding, washing and drying the yarns.
The revival of a long tradition

Hand weaving since 1969

The development of various new business areas has pushed rug weaving into the background, which is why the old looms were reactivated in 2013 and a contemporary further development of the high-quality natural product was started. The result is a new generation of handwoven rugs, a forward-looking overall concept for modern living requirements.

With a unique design product "made in Austria" and a fresh, modern concept, Felice sets new standards in interior design. handwoven designs - for individual living and living. In its design, the innovative brand combines tradition, craftsmanship and sustainability with a completely new flexibility: a freely designable rug that easily adapts to any living situation.

The modular system makes it possible to change and expand one's own creations at any time, or to put them together individually again and again. This opens up a previously unattainable freedom in the design of modern living spaces. 

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Handwoven in Austria


In our weaving mill in Austria, which was founded in 1969, we weave your unique piece by hand. For your desired size, we can adjust our flexible looms individually and respond to your desired lengths and widths.

Did you know that our oldest loom was built in 1965 and our warping machine dates back to the 1940s?

This traditional craft has been around for as long as we have, but we always love to reinvent ourselves. So we are constantly developing new yarns, weaving techniques & designs as well as new fields of application for our hand-woven rugs.

Design & Development

The creative minds behind FELICE

Anna Mooren

The search for new design freedom brings Anna Mooren and Lehner Wolle together. The old looms fascinate the young textile designer. In her development process, she deals intensively with the traditional hand weaving techniques, the materials and the special know-how in the company. For Felice, she combines today's home, lifestyle and design trends with a very artistic, independent approach. She designs rugs with character that add personality to any room. Timeless design classics or expressive art - woven by hand with wool.

Per Benjamin

The design expert Per Benjamin was consulted for the colour concept. A quote about the collaboration: "Natural materials like sheep's wool or flowers have a soul. Touching them connects us directly with all our senses. We all need nature in our lives. Nature gives us peace and the necessary focus in our nowadays stressful everyday life. Experiencing sheep's wool barefoot, the haptic experience, gives happiness."
The craft for your home

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