What is the right rug size?

Choosing a rug can be an intimidating task. Not only do the colours, patterns and shapes all play place a role within such a choice, but the right size must also be considered. If a rug is too big, it may not fit the designated space, or will make the room look smaller. On the other hand, if the rug is too small, the visual beauty of a well-fitting rug will be significantly lessened. Therefore, we have put together a few tips on what is important when choosing the right rug size for your home.

The right rug size for dining rooms

How big should my dining room rug be? This is a common question that many people have probably already asked themselves. The answer is that the size of the rug depends on the room layout and the size of your dining table. This means that one should always take precise measurements first.

A rug is usually placed under the dining table in a dining room. The size of the rug therefore depends on the size of the dining table. The rug should be large enough so that the chairs remain on the rug when one sits down or gets up – but would also ideally have enough room for the edge of the rug to be further away, so as to avoid the risk of tripping anyone over.

The rule of thumb here: add about one metre on each side where chairs are placed. This way you are guaranteed to be on the right page size-wise.
Your rug for the dining table Your rug for the dining table
Tip: for extendable tables, measure the rug according to the additional length of the table. That way, no guest missed out on being seated at the cosy dining room island.

If your dining table is long and has about six chairs, then a large rug is definitely worthwhile. 200 cm x 300 cm is a size that creates wonderful effect. Either in one colour or with patterns, the rug will be an eye-catcher in and of itself whilst skilfully highlighting your furniture. For a dining table with four chairs, a rug size of about 170 cm x 240 cm is recommended.

Tip: If the shape of your dining table matches the shape of your rug – e.g., round table on round rug, square table on square rug – then nothing will stand in the way of a harmonious dining setting.

The ideal rug size for living rooms

Cosiness is key - a requirement that a rug tends to perfectly fulfil. However, the right sense of proportion is particularly important in a living room. After all, this room is one of the places where you spend the most time.

Our rule of thumb: the rug should always be larger than the couch, ideally about 15-25 cm on each side. Measure the length of your couch and you will know the size of your rug.

Variations of how you can place your rug in the living room

Your carpet under the coffee table Your carpet under the coffee table

In front of your furniture

In this variation, only the coffee table is placed on the rug. The rest of the furniture is placed around the rug. A popular choice of size here is 170 cm x 240 cm. This style also works for corner sofas with two seats when paired with the standard rug size 260 cm x 160 cm.


Square rugs are also a wonderful choice. You should just make sure that the rug is a little longer at the sides for a corner sofa. Consider adding 15-25 cm more and the resulting look will have a beautifully harmonious effect. With our Felice modules you also have extra space for creativity – combine different weaves and colours to create your rug dream.

Partly or completely under the furniture

Again, cosiness is key. Place all of your furniture partly on the rug. It looks most harmonious if the first third of your couch is on the rug. That way, there is still enough space between you and the wall, avoiding a compressed look. Make sure that the rug and the furniture are the right size: there should be between 15 and 25 cm on both sides of your couch. Common rug sizes are 200 cm x 300 cm or 170 cm x 240 cm. They usually fit sofas with a standard length of 260 cm.


If you want ultimate cosiness and your living space is big enough, then why not try a living room island? Here you place all the furniture directly on the rug. Make sure that there is at least 50 cm distance to the wall on all sides. This way, your little island of well-being is free and virtually floats in the room. A good rug size would be 200 cm x 300 cm. It is suitable for 2 and 3-seater sofas in standard sizes. Make sure, however, that your room is large enough. Then nothing will stand in the way of a cosy evening and Netflix.

Your carpet in the living room Your carpet in the living room
Tip: Place all the furniture the way you want it. Mark the corners with tape. Add at least 15-25 cm to each side of the sofa. Then measure the length and width and you'll have your perfect rug size.

The right rug size for a bedroom

If you want to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom, choose a rug that covers at least half of the floor. This way, the rug doesn't look too small, but the room looks even more spacious. We have summarised three possible variations for you here:

Your carpet under the bed Your carpet under the bed

1. Underneath your bed: If you place your rug directly under your bed, it should be slightly larger than the frame of the bed, on average between 60 - 90 cm per side that is not against the wall. Your bedside table will then also be able to sit on it cosily. If you want to create a dreamy sleeping island, make sure that there is at least 50 cm between the rug and the wall on all sides.

Your carpet next to the bed Your carpet next to the bed

2. Next to your bed: Elongated rugs for short and narrow spaces are a good choice. The distance to the bed frame should be kept small here, best placed directly under the edge of the bed. Runners are usually shorter than the bed. Standard sizes such as 60 cm x 120 cm are ideal here. Make sure that there is enough space between the runner and the wall. Between 15 - 25 cm of free space gives a looser, open look.

Your carpet in front of the bed Your carpet in front of the bed

3. In front of your bed: a rug directly in front of your bed creates a cosy atmosphere. You can choose between a narrow rug runner in front of the bed or a wider one where the bed legs are still on the rug. To the left and right, the rug should be a good 15 - 25 cm wider than the bed.

Tip: frame your bed with three runners. This way you can not only set different colour accents, but also adjust the sizes per side.

The perfect rug for hallways

Are grey tiles and white walls in hallways too boring for you? A rug can be a good solution in such instances. You can keep in mind the following:

  • Pile height: short pile rugs are easier to clean.
  • Width: a good 15 cm should be left free to the left and right of the wall, otherwise it can look visually "squashed".
  • Length: an informal rule of thumb here is to keep the rug 120 cm shorter than the length of the room. Also, we recommend placing the rug so that there is equal space at the front and at the back. This ensures enough distance to the front door, which you can then open and close without friction.
Your hallway carpet Your hallway carpet

Most hallways are styled as longer, narrower spaces. Typical sizes for a rug here are 60 cm x 120 cm or 70 cm x 140 cm. Longer is of course always possible.

Our pure new wool rugs can also be put together individually. Find out more about our modular system. We will also be happy to send you rug samples if you are not yet sure about a colour.

Tip: Don't put too much furniture or objects in the hallway. This way it won't look cluttered, and your guests will feel much more welcome.