From chocolate to cocoa: brown rugs

Chocolate brown, cappuccino, caramel, rust brown, fawn brown ... - the colour spectrum of brown is significant. From light to dark, from delicate to intense, brown can do it all.

Furthermore, just think earthy, wooden tones, and you’ll notice that nature is always included in such a colour. With a brown carpet, you can conjure up a harmonious feeling in your home, and the colour can also be ideally combined with other colours. After all, nature is colourful.

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Brown sheep's wool rugs

Chocolate colour on trend

If you think brown is old-fashioned, you may have just missed out on the fuss over today’s trendiest colour. Brown was fashionable in the 80s, and now it has never been more ‘in’. The reason why this colour is so popular today is simply because it is incredibly versatile, as well as in combination with other colours. So, a brown rug is never a bad choice.

Brown living

Sheep's wool in brown Sheep's wool in brown

What is the effect of brown?

The mixture of yellow, black and red creates a warm and cosy atmosphere. Even though it is a neutral colour, we like to associate brown with reliability, honesty, warmth, home and nature. Brown is therefore often used than black. It is softer and warmer. The colour has a positive effect on our mood, so why not bring it into your own home?

Rug in brown Rug in brown

Does a brown carpet suit my style?

Besides its positive effects, brown has another advantage: it suits every room and every style. A pure new wool rug in a light shade of brown harmonises beautifully with other warm colours and is perfect for a boho or indie style. A dark brown rug can add elegance to your living space and set off vintage-style furniture. A country house style wouldn’t quite do the job without elegant shades of brown.

Brown and more brown

Brown colour variety Brown colour variety

The colour brown offers enough variations and nuances to be fashionable clothes-wise, style-wise and home-wise. Brown rugs alone create a cosy ambience, not to mention when in combination with natural colours or materials. Bright colours such as rich blue, violet or even orange on upholstery, curtains or other decorative elements not only go well with brown, but also create a special “wow” effect.

Try it out for yourself and click through our Felice modules; you can also create your own carpet online. Furthermore, we will be happy to send you rug samples. Here are some colour combinations we have put together to add to your inspiration:

Rug brown-beige

Simply harmonious


A light beige combined with a dark brown creates an incredible contrast that bursts with warmth. Add different textures to your virgin wool rug, and you'll be thrilled with its look.

Rug in brown and grey

In style


Grey and brown create a harmonious balance. The grey softens the brown and makes the latter look even warmer. If you go for dark brown tones and anthracite, you create an elegant look for your rug. Lighter shades evoke friendliness in your living space.

Rug brown-green

Pure nature


The combination of brown and green is not only ideal in nature. The two colours complement each other perfectly and create a harmonious look. How about this colour combination for your rug?

Rug in brown-black

Rich in contrast


Not a fan of this colour combination? It can look amazing! Imagine a warm, light brown in combination with clear and strong black or anthracite. These opposites are magically attracted to each other and create an incredible contrast for your pure new wool rug to display.

Rug brown-white


Brown and white

The combination of brown and white offers splashes of freshness. The radiance of white also makes brown, whether light brown or dark brown, shine even more. Nevertheless, your rug remains neutral and simple with such colour combination.

Own ideas?

You haven't found the right colour combination yet, or you want something more special in terms of shape, structure or size? If you have any special requests, please contact us, and we will assist you to find your perfect rug.

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