Stay true to blue...

Blue rug

It has a calming effect, increases concentration and is one of the most popular colours of all: we are talking about the colour blue.

Thanks to its wide range of colours, it can also be perfectly integrated into any room. Whether as a discreet addition in the form of blue decorative elements or a rug in aqua blue as a real eye-catcher. We don't promise you the blue of the sky, but help you to make your blue living dream come true.

Living in blue - our styling tips!

Blue rugs made from sheep's wool

So close to the sky

From light blue to dark blue, aqua blue and navy, to mottled or colourfully patterned - perhaps blue is such a popular colour because of its wonderful diversity. When it comes to furnishing, blue in all its variations can be combined with the most diverse styles. Blue rugs can set the scene perfectly for your favourite furniture, or even take the limelight themselves.

Furnishing with blue rugs

Rug: Blue-Grey

Confidently stylish

Rug: Blue-Grey

With the colour combination blue-grey, your sense of style is certainly hitting the nail on the head. Imagine a dark grey sofa placed upon a fringed rug in cornflower blue, or vice versa - a true oasis of well-being. Blue is reminiscent of freedom and the radiance of the sky. It breaks through the straightforwardness of grey and complements simplistic tones with harmonious warmth. This combination ensures that both colours make each other shine.

Rug: Light blue


Rug: Light blue

Light blue brings back memories of a beautiful spring day with a bright blue sky. Bring those feelings into your home with a light blue rug. Combine different shades of light blue and you'll feel heavenly. Have a look at our selection of classic blue rugs.

Rug: Dark blue


Rug: Dark blue

Do you want to feel like you're sailing across the deep blue? Rugs in dark blue fulfil exactly this dream. Not only do they look classy, but they also add a mysterious and profound touch to your living space. Combine a dark blue rug with yellow or pink accents in the form of flowers, upholstery or pictures on the walls to create a stunning and exciting contrast.

Rug: Blue-White


Rug: Blue-White

Blue and white: the ultimate navy look. Whether with stripes, dots or checkered patterns, your living room is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher with this colour combination. This look is discreet and doesn't look overloaded. A plain white rug, light-coloured furniture, blue upholstery and curtains, you've got a pure navy style. If you add maritime elements such as shells, you can be transported directly to the sea - or to Scandinavia.

Rug: Tones of Blue


Rug: Tones of Blue

Blue can also be colourful. The different nuances and colour facets that the colour blue has to offer are multiple. Every item in your living room can be a different shade of blue and still harmonise perfectly with one another. A light blue sofa paired with a rug in navy blue, then placed in front of a white wall with dark blue picture frames? If you can imagine that in your home, then go for it!



Interior styles with blue

Vintage in blue

Vintage in blue Vintage in blue

Furniture and furnishings from times long gone, either original or imitated - the vintage style is very much in vogue. The good thing about it is that almost all colours can be integrated into a vintage fashion.

Rugs in dark blue, for example, are both eye-catchers and accentuators. If you lay them on old wooden floorboards, they underline a rustic feel of the overall picture. In front of a dark brown wing chair, dark blue rugs also lend a very special touch.

Furthermore, a vintage sofa in noble shades of blue then paired with a carpet in light blue, creates a unique picture. All you have to do is play with the different shades of blue you have to hand.

Country style in blue

Country style in blue Country style in blue
Landhausstil in Blau Landhausstil in Blau

Pure nature - what colours could be better suited here than green, brown and blue. The country house style combines cosiness alongside proximity to nature.

Wooden elements, plants and accents in blue should not be amiss as they add a fresh touch and liven up the room. Starting with blue cushions, a navy-blue wall paint or a carpet in denim blue - the possibilities are endless. When decorating, listen to your gut to help you find your perfect country house style in blue.

Maritime flair

Maritim in Blau Maritim in Blau

What colour reminds you more of your last holiday than blue? Conjure up a maritime flair in your home quickly and easily with this colour.

How about a mottled blue carpet? This structure imitates patterns and thus has a special effect. Combine it with Mediterranean elements and your living room becomes a Tuscan oasis of well-being.

Maritime flair Maritime flair

Room by room

Children's room with blue rug Children's room with blue rug

Rug blue in the children's room

Are you looking for something that brings calm and serenity to your child's room? Why not try a touch of blue?

You'll be surprised by the effect the colour has and your children might be more focused on their toys. A short pile carpet in blue is a good choice here as it is easy to clean and its flat structure also makes it an ideal race track for the toy car. 

Kitchen dream in blue

The colour blue is said to bring more lightness and freshness. How about a blue kitchen rug?

A long, short pile rug in strong aqua blue, when placed in front of a light kitchen unit for example, brings a stylish atmosphere into any kitchen. Stainless steel cookers and sinks adds a sophisticated touch. This makes cooking twice as much fun.

Kitchen in blue Kitchen in blue
Blue sofa Blue sofa

Blue in the living room

Combine different shades of blue in your living room, either with furniture and decorative elements or with a large blue rug, or both.

A dark blue sofa in front of a light blue wall and a large turquoise blue rug on the floor - what could be better? Add a few soft shades of yellow - and you've got summer in your living room. You will feel the calm and relaxing effect on your mind immediately.

Blue in the bedroom

Peace, relaxation and restful sleep - if you bring blue into your bedroom, you may soon be able to stop counting sheep before falling asleep. The colour blue is suitable for many a light sleeper, thanks to its special psychological effect.

Integrating blue into your bedroom is particularly easy: a soft blue virgin wool rug in front of the bed, blue pillows or a blue duvet cover. Then your feet can also look forward to a cosy morning greeting from the carpet when you get up.

Blue bedroom Blue bedroom

Cleaning and caring for blue rugs

Depending on the shade of blue your rug has, it can conceal dirt and stains, at least for a short period of time. Dark blue in particular is often a very graceful colour. In general, there are a few basic tips for rug cleaning and care that also apply to blue rugs.

If you want to clean your blue rug, here are a few quick tips:

  • Vacuum more often and at half power.
  • Be careful with the hoover attachment: many rugs do not like brushes at all.
  • Match the cleaning agent to the rug in question.
    • Cotton rugs prefer alkaline detergents.
    • Treat wool and animal fibres with acidic cleaners.
  • Never rub, always dab gently.

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