Turquoise Rug Dreams

Turquoise Rug

You want a summery atmosphere in your home? Summon up some freshness with the colour turquoise.

The green-blue mixture not only puts you in a good mood, but can also be used for almost any style and any room. Whether completing a vintage style in the living room or as a short pile rug in the entrance area, turquoise lamps as a splash of colour or a turquoise wall in the children's room - the WOW effect is guaranteed.

Turquoise prospects - our styling guide for you!

Turquoise Rug

The colour may require a little courage at first, but it's definitely worth it. Whether bright neon turquoise, delicate pastel or a strong petrol - there is something for everyone in the turquoise colour palette. And your home will thank you with freshness and cosiness.

Turquoise and its diversity

Turquoise: Blue or green? Turquoise: Blue or green?

Is it more of a green or rather a blue?

This question is probably as old as the colour itself. But one thing is certain: turquoise is a real eye-catcher in all its nuances. And whether it counts as blue or green, turquoise can be optimally combined with both.

How about a turquoise carpet, for example, combined with beautiful green plants? Or an interplay of different turquoise shades: from bright turquoise to a delicate pastel tone? Or work with contrasting colours: turquoise and yellow make an exciting mix!

Holiday feels with turquoise Holiday feels with turquoise

Colour turquoise: pure holiday feeling

The colour turquoise is almost enough to make you hear the roar of the sea. The freshness and colourfulness of this striking colour cannot be overlooked. Conjure up your own ocean in your living room with a turquoise rug. Combinations with white and beige are particularly stylish. How about some shells as decoration on the coffee table? An ocean dream come true.

Colour palette turquoise Colour palette turquoise

Not all turquoise is the same

As with all colours, turquoise comes in many different shades. Combine a few of them, and they bring each other even more to life. A dark turquoise rug in front of a beige couch with light turquoise cushions on it and a few turquoise decorative elements here and there - doesn't that sound like a true dream home?

Or you can bring the variety of colours together with several rugs. With so-called rug layering, several rugs are laid on top of each other, overlapping. This creates an incredible colour and visual effect.

Stylish in turquoise Stylish in turquoise

Stylish in turquoise

No matter what style you prefer, turquoise simply fits. Ethno or boho chic? No problem, turquoise elements harmonise ideally with these cosy and artistic furnishing styles. Warm brown tones, large patterns and a bright turquoise - a true home-living dream.

But even with classic furnishings in black and white, a dark petrol, for example, can become the colour spot par excellence without creating a style break. Turquoise can also be ideally integrated into the country house style, which is characterised by cosiness and closeness to nature. Turquoise in combination with gold, on the other hand, can help to create an oriental look.

Vintage and a touch of turquoise

Vintage Deko Vintage Deko

"Old-fashioned"? If you translate "vintage", it does have this meaning, but there is no question of overly-aged nor broken down. The furniture and decorations are from the 1920s to the 1980s. The objects can be original or new and trimmed to look old. This is called a "used look".

Anyone who thinks that turquoise is too fresh for this "old" style is mistaken. Just imagine an old wing chair in a dark brown shade, placed in front of a petrol-coloured wall, and you'll be convinced. From the most diverse decorative elements to furniture and lamps to wall paintings - the colour integrates harmoniously and either becomes an eye-catcher itself or highlights your vintage pieces. A turquoise vintage rug is perhaps an unexpected, but certainly an incredible highlight in this style that you won't want to do without.

Vintage Deko Vintage Deko
Vintage Design in turquoise Vintage Design in turquoise

Combine turquoise pure new wool rugs with any room

Bring freshness into any room with turquoise. The combination possibilities of this colour are endless, and the good thing is that it also harmonises with every room. Whether it's an entrance hall, kitchen or dining room, living room, bedroom or children's room - you'll find the perfect shade of turquoise for every room.

Livingroom in turquoise

Living room

Turquoise accents

A blue-green mixture has a positive effect on the mind. So why not use this colour property and transform your living room into a feel-good oasis with turquoise accents? The ceiling lamp, curtains and sofa in turquoise, a beige rug made of pure new wool placed in front of it, a few floral accents in soft pink tones and combined with warm wooden elements – can you imagine anything more picturesque? That is exactly what's so great about this colour: not only does it have a positive effect on us, but it also offers a wide range of possible combinations – turquoise has something for everyone.

Dreams in turquoise

Bedroom and children's room

Dreams in turquoise

Cosy, cuddly and simply ‘feel good’ - that's how a bedroom should be. Thanks to its harmonious effect, turquoise brings a calm atmosphere into your bedroom and ensures pleasant dreams. A turquoise-coloured virgin wool rug combined with a lighter turquoise bed cover brings freshness into the room. In the children's room, the colour immediately creates a good mood. Here you can also be daring; how about a turquoise wall, light-coloured furniture and a chessboard rug in orange and yellow tones? That's sure to make playing even more fun.

Dining room in turqoise

Kitchen and dining room

Turquoise indulgence

Give your dining room that certain something with turquoise accents. Grey or metallic tones, often found in the kitchen due to the cooker and sink, go ideally with turquoise. A short pile carpet is best suited for the kitchen and dining area, as it is particularly easy to clean. A plain turquoise rug under the dining table and a few turquoise elements, such as curtains, napkins or coasters, here and there and your dining room will be your new favourite room in your home.

Trying turquoise in your home?

Is turquoise your favourite colour, but you're not quite sure if it's right for your home? Click through our samples and try them out in your own living space. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.