Square rugs

With our FELICE carpet modules, you can show off any corners or edges.

Get your own eye-catcher for your home and create a cosy atmosphere. Customised to your taste, these hard-wearing sheep's wool rugs can be easily combined with other modules.

Here we explain how you can use our FELICE modules to make creative square rugs to match your own taste →


Square rugs made from FELICE rug modules

Our FELICE rug system consists of nine different rug modules that can be combined with an innovative connector system to create a pure new wool rug according to your wishes. The modules represent nine rug sizes. Here we explain how you can create your desired square rug from these modules.

Square rugs in 65 x 65 cm

Rug 65 x 65 Rug 65 x 65

Pure new wool rug

Module 01

The smallest variant of a square virgin wool rug in our FELICE range are the small module-01 rugs in the size 65 x 65 cm. You can use them as a single small rug - but most of the time our customers combine many small rugs into one bigger one. You can also combine different colours from pink to black or pick a more neutral tone and go with white.

Square rugs in 130 x 130 cm 

Rug 130 x 130

Pure new wool rug

Module 03 

The square rugs of the FELICE modular size 03 measure 130 x 130 cm. Whether classic beige or grey, bright red or elegant black: here you will find many patterns and colours to suit your taste.

What becomes particularly exciting is when you combine M1 modules to create a square rug in this size.

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Rug 4 x Modul 01

Pure new wool rug 

4 x Module 01

Things get playful when you combine a square rug from M1 modules. With four of these small 65 x 65 cm rugs, you can put together any rug combination you like, from colourful to plain.

All module 01 rugs
Rug 65 x 130

Pure new wool rug 

2 x Module 02

The combination of two 65 x 130 cm rug modules is very straightforward. Here you can design square rugs that look particularly good in minimalist, geometrically oriented interior styles.

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Rug Module 01 + 02

Pure new wool rug

Module 01+ 02

If you like a little more of an irregular style, you can conjure up a special square rug with a combination of M01 and M02 carpet modules.

Square rugs in 195 x 195 cm

Rug 195 x 195

Pure new wool rug

Module 06

The modules 06 already show greatness on their own. Hand-woven designs in many colours are available from this square virgin wool rug.

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Rug 9 x Modul 01

Pure new wool rug

9 x module 01

If you use small M1 modules (65 x 65 cm), you can, for example, make pure wool rugs in a chequered pattern. Or you can go colourful and choose a different colour for each module. How about a little pink, green or yellow?

All module 01 rugs
Rug Module 01 + 02

Pure new wool rug

Module 01 + 02

You can arrange these two virgin wool rug modules in a variety of ways. If you particularly like this square rug shape, feel free to let your creativity run wild!

Rug 65 x 195

Pure new wool rug

3 x Module 04

This rug arrangement with three M04 modules (á 65 x 195 cm) is particularly effective if you choose different colours and patterns. If you use three rug modules of the same colour value, this combination will look very chic and classy.

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Square rugs in 260 x 260 cm

Rug Module 01, 04, 06

Pure new wool rug

Module 01, 04 + 06

How about an extension? You can of course use our module 06 (130x130 cm) on its own as an attractive sheep's wool rug. But if you want the rug to be a bit bigger, you can combine modules 01 and 02, for example. Et voilà! You have a large square wool rug with 260 x 260 cm.

Rug Module 02 + 05

Pure new wool rug

Module 02 + 05

A combination of four rectangular rugs results in an extra-large square virgin wool rug. The best thing is you can change the arrangement with spontaneity, thanks to the flexibility of using connectors.

Possibilities upon possibilities 

Your individual square pure new wool rug conjures up an oasis of well-being in your four walls and adds that extra something! Get creative and design your own square rug or choose one of our suggestions.

And don't forget, thanks to the flexible module system, you can reassemble your sheepskin rug over and over again.

Square Rug Combination Module 01 + 02

Here you can see our combination of module 01 and module 02. We have chosen a bright pink and a pink-orange combination. The rugs used are <<Pinus Pink>> and <<Pinus Strawberry>>.

Square Rug Combination Module 01, 04 + 06

For a natural touch, we thought of this green shade combination with modules 01, 04 and 06. The rugs shown are << Viscum Grass>> and << Viscum Fir>>.

Square Rug Combination 4x Module 01

For a more neutral taste, you can perfectly combine brown and grey tones. From the Modul 01 rugs, you can combine both smaller and large square rugs. Here we use << Viscum Nougat>> and << Viscum Anthracite>>.