Yellow rugs

Yellow tones can be combined to perfection: whether with green, white or grey, bright yellow rugs will match with many colours and interior styles.

Here we have compiled all of our yellow wool rugs for you. Whether you would like to go for single-coloured models or whether you prefer colourful ones, you can get creative with our FELICE modules. We have already put together a few examples of ready-made carpets for you here.

You can find a few styling tips for yellow here.

Yellow rugs from sheep's wool

Bring the radiant, trendy colour into your home. With a yellow sheep wool rug, you will fill your room with rays of sunshine, as the colour radiates freedom, freshness and liveliness. What’s more, a yellow rug is an uncomplicated furnishing item and can be attractively combined with many pieces of furniture and colourful decorative items. It is therefore not without reason that yellow has established itself as a trending colour and brings zest to many furnishing styles: a yellow rug, for example, looks good in vintage-style flats, but also provides colourful accents in the otherwise simplistic Scandi style.

Yellow in interplay

Mood Board Yellow Interior Mood Board Yellow Interior

Bright yellow just looks good, for instance making a colourful eye-catcher in flats furnished in vintage style. A wool rug is the perfect complement if you're going for a cheerful but nostalgic look.

Or how about a sheep wool rug in a subtle mustard tone? It harmonises particularly well with natural materials such as wood. In addition to bright yellow, a patterned rug in yellow also goes well with white or light-coloured furniture, which is predominant in the purist furnishing style. The pattern can come from the weave, or you can create your own colour pattern with our FELICE modules.

With cushions in yellow, blankets and other decorative elements in the radiant sun colour, you can deliberately set colour accents. Due to the intensity of the colour, a few targeted accessories are often enough to coordinate with your yellow pure new wool rug.

What effect does the colour yellow have?

The colour has a positive effect on people as it radiates warmth, energy and joie de vivre. It also promotes creativity and can provide a wealth of ideas in office spaces.

The different colour tones can also have different effects on your mood. While golden yellow conveys more cosiness, bright citrus tones radiate power and energy.

Comparable to white, yellow has the function of visually enlarging small rooms and making them appear brighter. This goes down well with all members of the household and maybe even invites them to chat in the living room a little longer.

Yellow promotes creativity Yellow promotes creativity

Variety of exclusive yellow carpets

A yellow colour combination for every taste: how about a pure new wool carpet in yellow-grey in the living room, boho style? Or combine pink with yellow to create the best mood in the children's room!

Take a look at our ideas, maybe you'll like one or two of them.

Rug Yellow-Anthracite

Yellow-anthracite rug:

A popular constellation, as both colours bring nature and freshness into the room. This woollen rug finds its perfect place under the dining table or in front of the couch, ensuring a good mood and warm feet.

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Rug in mustard yellow

Mustard yellow rugs:

In a nostalgically furnished living room, the mustard yellow sheepskin rug sets a cheerful and colourful accent and looks classy. Such a rug also looks stylish and modern in the bedroom in combination with grey wall paint.

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Rug in yellow-grey

Yellow-grey rug:

Grey floors or walls can achieve a pleasant contrast with the yellow rug. But also, a combination of grey and yellow hand-woven rug modules from our FELICE modular system brings variety and a pleasant mood into your living space.

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Rugs in yellow-white

Yellow-white rug

Yellow and white rugs can visually enlarge and brighten up your room. Such a combination looks good in bathrooms without windows, for example. Or the pretty, hand-woven rug finds its place in the living room between light-coloured furniture.

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Rug in yellow-black

Yellow-black rug:

Yellow creates a strong contrast to dark tiles that looks modern and stylish. A colour combination of black and yellow brings cheerfulness to a dark room without being too overbearing.

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Yellow in different rooms Yellow in different rooms

Furnishing with trendy yellow

You have decided to try something new and choose a yellow carpet for your home? Now the question remains: where to put it? The good news is, you can't go wrong with that.

  • Due to its energising effect, the rich, intense shade of yellow is not only suitable for the study, but also for the kitchen, bathroom and living room.
  • In the bedroom, on the other hand, it should be a softer tone: cool, calming shades of yellow are the order of the day here.
  • Yellow rugs can put a smile on the faces of your little ones and are often placed in children's rooms thanks to their positive effect on their mood. A wool rug in the gender-neutral colour is suitable as a play rug or as a base for power naps in between.
  • A yellow rug runner can be an option for the hallway or bathroom and creates a sunny ambience.

What colours go with yellow?

Yellow and grey combination

Colour combinations

When paired with minimalistic white, beige and grey furnishings, yellow harmonises well and makes a room glow. Walls and decorative items can be colour-coordinated with a pure new yellow wool rug.

Yellow and green combination

Colour combination

For the bold interior designers among you, yellow can be combined with other strong colours such as green, pink, violet or blue to create exotic accents. However, you should keep the furniture in solid colours, otherwise it will become too colourful.

Yellow-black combination

Colour combination

A modern constellation can be created with black or anthracite. Especially with dark grey or black marble, a yellow carpet is an eye-catcher and provides warm feet in the morning.

To create a summery atmosphere, a rug in yellow is perfectly adequate because of the intensity of the colour. Nevertheless, there are other ways to decorate with yellow.

Yellow on home textiles such as cushions and blankets - especially in the form of graphic patterns and mixed with black and white - create a sense of well-being in your home. Individual eye-catchers such as the yellow side table in front of the white sofa also catch the eye.

In keeping with spring and Easter, you can use yellow vases or yellow tableware. Or you can put together an Easter basket with pastel colours that freshens up the room and creates cosiness.

Flowers and plants are an easy way to bring vibrancy to a room: gift yourself a bouquet of yellow flowers and bring nature into your home.

Yellow decoration vase Yellow decoration vase
Yellow home textiles Yellow home textiles
Yellow table decoration Yellow table decoration
Yellow table as decoration Yellow table as decoration
Yellow accessories Yellow accessories

Decoration ideas in yellow