Orange virgin wool rug


Bare of colourless rooms are not your thing, and you love some colour in your Life, especially with the touch of a woollen rug? To feel really comfortable within your own four walls, the right colour accents can add that special touch. We explain here how you can really spruce up your home with an orange virgin wool rug as well as the most important questions about orange rugs.



For which rooms is the energetic colour orange most suitable?

It could be that orange is not your favourite decorative go-to. But just wait and see! It could just be that this colour is an ideal choice for every and any room. Whether arranged with different tones or presented as small accents - the colour can conjure up a WOW effect in every room. We have compiled a few combinations and ideas here:

Living room in orange

Cheery orange in your

living room

Especially in larger rooms, strong and bright colours are particularly suitable choices. How about sunny orange on one wall, combined with light grey furniture? Add a few wooden elements and your dream living room is perfect.

Child's room orange colorful

Orangecolourfully combined in a

child's room

Colourful and full of life? Sounds perfect for your children's room. Just as children's play encourages a vibrant and joyful atmosphere, one can also decorate their rooms in such a way. Combine orange and green with grey and red: let your creativity run wild.

Bedroom Orange Pink

An elder orange hand-woven rug for your


Orange can be a classy and modern choice of colour. A hand-woven rug in such a tone, when placed in a bedroom for instance, not only brings freshness into your living space, but also gives it a very special touch. Combined with pink, the colour creates an exciting contrast that brings that about a certain sense of dreaminess.

Hallway rug orange

An orange greeting


Bring a sunny, ‘feel-good’ atmosphere into your hallway with an orange sheepskin rug. Whether plain or patterned, tone-in-tone or combined with other colours - your guests will immediately feel welcome and perhaps even note this trend as an inspiration to take home with them.

Bathroom accents orange

Orange highlights in your


Decoration is everything. And if decorating is done with a colour that makes every room glow, then all the better. Orange candles, soaps, sponges, towels or tile elements on the walls - you've rarely seen your bathroom look so fresh. This freshness can be a colourful boost for anyone’s morning shower routine. So, why not start your day with a joyful orange glow?

Vintage Style with orange rug

Vintage Design Orange Vintage Design Orange

Summer freshness combined with retro chic or vintage? A perfect match.

The lightness, energy and vitality that orange carries combine ideally with the playfulness of this style. Vintage is also often characterised by large patterns, perfect for bold and bright colours. This makes orange accents stand out all the more and allows them to show what they are made of. Such decoration could be small elements in the room, such as lamps, upholstery or decorations, as rug runners in orange or rather entire walls with orange patterned wallpaper.

Since orange is a secondary colour, it contains red and yellow components. Depending on how it is expressed, the individual shades of orange thus come into their own with meaning.

For example, red orange exudes passion and happiness. Such tones combined exude a pleasant autumnal warmth that invites you to linger. In combination with vintage furniture made of dark wood, you can conjure up a true autumnal paradise in your home.

If the tone is more gold, this colour is often associated with prestige, wisdom and wealth. Gold tones in combination with orange are ideal for a noble and coherent vintage look that brings a real summer freshness into your home.

Our top three FAQs on orange rugs

1. What colours do you recommend for an orange rug?

The colour orange is a real all-rounder when it comes to matching it other tones. No matter whether black, grey or white dominate your living space - with an orange pure new wool rug you can set the right eye-catching accents. Soft grey in particular - whether as a sofa or on the wall - harmonises perfectly with the orange splash of colour on the floor.

Powerful combinations of orange

Colourful Orange Colourful Orange
Orange, blue and red Orange, blue and red
Orange and turquoise Orange and turquoise
Orange colorful combination Orange colorful combination
Orange accents Orange accents

Do you like everything to be full of colour?

Then combine your orange rug with green or blue walls or furniture. The orange floor decoration can also be perfectly combined with green or blue rugs.

Does the combination of pink and orange sound unusual to you? Despite this rare combination, orange and pink can look brilliant when paired together.

Orange and Pink Orange and Pink

Tone in Tone: Tranquillity in Orange

soft orange soft orange
Tone on tone: orange Tone on tone: orange

However, if you prefer things simple within your four walls, we recommend you let your rug fit in with an array of orange accents from your sofa to your choice of vase. Because an orange rug is also perfect for a tone-on-tone living space with a bold colour effect.

Ever heard of a boho style? Here, bright colour nuances are used as eye-catchers and complement the rest of the more neutral colours, which usually consist of earthy tones. Combined with vintage furniture, the boho style, which incidentally originated in the 19th century artist scene, is perfect.

Bright orange and gray Bright orange and gray
Red-Orange Rug Red-Orange Rug
Orange with a touch of pink Orange with a touch of pink
Rug in Orange Rug in Orange

2. Is an orange rug compatible with a wooden floor?

The answer is a clear yes! Especially if you want to keep your home cosy and warm, then a cherry wood floor and an orange virgin wool rug make the perfect couple. The warmth given by such a living environment is mainly fulfilled by the fact that a cherry wood floor also already has an orange tone to it.

Combining wood and orange

Furniture in orange Furniture in orange
Decoration in orange Decoration in orange
Little accents in orange Little accents in orange
Orange and Brown Orange and Brown
Walls in orange Walls in orange
Orange, brown and grey Orange, brown and grey

On dark wooden floors, you can bring a real wow effect into your home with an orange rug. An orange splash of colour made from virgin wool stands out perfectly against a dark background and gives any room a real glow.

Or would you like to spice up your light wooden floor with an orange woollen rug? Great idea! The rich orange of the rug and the light background harmonise well together because the sheep's wool rug really stands out within the room.

3. How do I avoid my orange rug looking too bright?

Are bright home designs with an overflow of colours not really your style? But what if you've fallen in love with an orange woollen rug and want to combine it with the decoration in your room? With a few tips and tricks, you can create soft and calm accents in your dream home, even with a bright orange.

Orange accents

Orange accents Orange accents
Decoration in orange and pink Decoration in orange and pink
Beige and Orange Beige and Orange
Bright orange and grey Bright orange and grey
Rugs in orange Rugs in orange
Vitamin C colour orange Vitamin C colour orange

Can orange look a little softer? It is advisable to combine such a colour of pure new wool rug with discreet designs in white or grey or even with wood. The rug stands out and provides a special something without overloading the room.

You can also avoid too flashy an appearance by working tone-in-tone and choosing orange rugs on terracotta tiles or apricot-coloured floors. With light-coloured tiles or floors in similar shades, such a look is reminiscent of southern living styles, and you bring a little holiday flair into your own home. If you use orange rugs as a colour accent, you equally don't overload the space and enjoy a simple play of colours that perfectly matches the rest of the room.

Orange pure new wool rugs in great variety

No matter which shade of orange you choose, you're definitely on the right track with a rug in this colour. The vitamin C colour orange simply exudes good mood. Short pile or high pile, large or small, hand-knotted and individually assembled - we are happy to help you decide and advise you on which rug size is best suited to your living space.