Pink – colour with many facets

Shades of pink Shades of pink
  • The colour baby pink embodies many positive qualities and stands for passion, friendliness and understanding. It is a colour that expresses appreciation, respect and admiration as well as creating a homely and friendly atmosphere in your living room, bedroom or children's room.
  • A strong pink has spirit and is perceived by many people as dominant, although different moods are also created here through different shading options.
  • In contrast to the bold tones, pastel shades have a calming and girlishly innocent effect.
  • A baby pink component is also found in metallic tones such as copper and gold, which is why these colours and materials also harmonise particularly well with baby pink and rose pink.

Baby pink in vintage design

Vintage deco Vintage deco

What is vintage design?

The word vintage means "old", "old-fashioned", "classic".

In the world of fashion and design, as well as in interior design, vintage is a style that allows us to look back into the past. Used things are at the centre of it. Old furniture with quirks or a yellowed patina are typically vintage.

Often the old touch is imitated by a "used look" and new products are given the appearance of being used and second-hand.

Vintage deco Vintage deco
Vintage design Vintage design

Vintage & baby pink

Vintage does not belong to a particular colour world, because the style is flexible: petrol, grey, brown, or old pink are a few typical colour examples.

When you incorporate baby pink furnishings and baby pink decor into your vintage room design, the feel becomes very soft, feminine and nostalgic.

Choose a few old or vintage-style eye-catchers and then decorate around them with pink cushions, rugs or vases. 

Rug combinations in baby pink and rose pink

Depending on your taste, you can create very different colour combinations with baby pink or rose pink rugs: if you want it to be soft, then work with similar tones. If you prefer pops of colour, you can also combine contrasting colours to create eye-catching effects. We've put together a few examples to inspire you.

Rung in Pink and Green

Cheerfulness guaranteed 

Pink & Green

This combination of FELICE rug modules creates a good mood. Two M01 modules of «Ribes Pink» nestled against two M01 modules of the dark green high pile rug module «Viscum Fir». In the middle lies an M03 module of the «Ribes Grass». Together they design a rug measuring 130 x 260 cm.

Rug pink-orange

Courageously combined

Pink & Orange

Colourful, refreshing and radiant – this is the striking impression given by the 195 x 260 cm wool rug. We have combined the short pile rug modules of «Ribes Pink» with the colourful «Fagus Treat» and the high pile rug module «Visum Orange».

Rug Pink and Grey

Hot off the press

Pink & Grey

A lovely, smaller piece: two «Ribes Pink» and two «Ribes Grey» make a fashionable, square, grey-pink rug measuring 130 x 130 cm. As with all FELICE modules, you can rearrange the modules at any time and form a runner from these four modules, for example.

Rugs pastel shades

Pastel composition

Delicate tones

You can combine other pastel shades well with soft pastel pink. A mild blue, a light yellow or even a dignified pastel green is a harmonious addition. Why not try rug layering in pastel?

Girls room in pink

Mädchen Teppich Pink Grau Mädchen Teppich Pink Grau

A princess’ dream

Hand-woven rug in the colours rose pink, light pink, dark pink, pale pink and baby pink are real eye-catchers in children's, babies' and girls' rooms. The realm of your little princess is inspired by a protective and gentle feel-good character. Thanks to the high quality, our sheepskin rugs also withstand great strain and are ready for all kinds of adventures.

The positive side effect of rugs made of 100% sheep's wool: they are healthy for the indoor air and neutralize pollutants. An excellent companion for your little ones.

Mädchen Teppich Pink Grau Mädchen Teppich Pink Grau

Pink in a variety of shapes

A standard rug size of 200 x 300 cm or 300 x 400 cm does not always fit in your living room or children's room. Or perhaps you simply want something other than a typical rectangular rug. With our FELICE rug modules, your creativity and style know no limits. Here are a few examples.


Pink Rug Triangle Pink Rug Triangle

Rug triangle

How about a pink rug in the shape of a triangle? Such a shape could help create a designed space for a door to open easily, for example. With modules of size M01 (65 cm x 65 cm) you can make a triangle in pink or a trendy combination of pink and grey.

Pink Rug Individual Shape Pink Rug Individual Shape


You can put together a fully personalised, pink dream of a rug with a large base module and small rug modules to complement it.


Pink rug runner Pink rug runner


Whether in the children's room, bedroom, living room or in the hallway: a pink, short pile runner also makes a statement. Choose your modules according to the dimensions of your rooms. This rectangular rug runner measures 65 x 195 cm.

Pink rug special shape Pink rug special shape

Special form

With dimensions of 195 x 195 cm, this shape is a square one. Here we have sketched three M02 modules offset. This makes the carpet shape unusual and you can always combine pink with other colours.

Special requests?

Depending on your taste, pink rugs can work in different ways and be combined with other delicate but also strong colours. For special requests such as a round pink rug or a pink rug made to measure please contact us.

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