It’s time to go bold green!

Design in Grün Design in Grün

Looking to bring a colourful and natural feeling into your own four walls?

A green rug is considered an elegant splash of colour, conjures up a comforting and cosy home and enriches any setting with natural flair.

You and your loved ones will appreciate the relaxing effect of a green rug; with a little natural touch to a living area, you not only own an eye-catcher, but also get to feel the balancing effect of this pleasant colour on your frame of mind.

In addition, a high-quality wool rug - whether green or not - shines through its durability, high quality, healthy effect as well as a variety of combination possibilities.

Grüne Teppiche Grüne Teppiche

What are the properties of the colour green?

Green is not just green. The colour is as diverse as it is in nature. From light green to olive green, mint green to dark green - there are countless variations, all of which shed a different light to any interior:

  • Green has a calming effect on us and conveys freshness and openness. We like to associate this balancing colour with hope, life and of course, nature.
  • Green also conveys rest, relaxation and health. All of these are qualities that fit wonderfully in your own home as it is a place of rest, but also a place to germinate new creativity in you and your loved ones.

Green living made easy

Room by room: The advantages of a green woven rug or runner are many: it is easy to clean, conveys openness and friendliness and brings the power of a natural environment into your own living area. Here are a few different looks you can go for:

Green & brown rug dining room

Switch off and enjoy

Dining room

A balancing and relaxing effect can be achieved in the dining room with a green hand-woven wool rug – a unique design element that will spice up any home. It makes the food taste even better!

Green & brown rug in bathroom

A temple for body and soul


Especially in an important home-wellness area and in Feng-Shui, green is the optimal colour due to its positive effects. With green accents, your bathroom becomes a feel-good zone and exudes a sense of nature. In this scene, we create that effect with short pile rugs in green-brown.

To the bathroom rug
Rug children's room

Fun and games

Children's room 

A green rug is also worth considering for children's rooms. You will experience first-hand the freshness ‘kick’ of a lush green in the four walls of your loved ones. The children's rug in the picture is composed of different M1 rug modules.

Green rug modules kitchen

Enjoy with harmony


With the design rugs of our flexible FELICE modular system, you can conjure up a striking green floor in your kitchen. The rug running around the corner conveys energy and freshness: a splash of colour that radiates a sense of well-being.

To the kitchen rug
Green rugs in the hallway

Enter in style


Green rugs or runners add a sense of warmth to cooler entryways or hallways. The wooden wall underlines the natural look. The green sliding door is wallpapered in matching Silentum acoustic felt.


Green furnishing styles

There are countless design possibilities that really set the scene for a green rug and bring out its charm perfectly. We would like to now introduce you to the Natural Living style and the Urban Jungle style in more detail. 

Living trend Natural Living

Green as an accent colour conveys a subtle elegance in the Natural Living environment. Combined with light wood, natural materials and natural decor, such a rug or runner in green (both in light green and dark green) looks chic, natural and timeless. Whether wool rug, virgin wool rug, woven rug or flat woven rug in green, also staged with stones, a green rug conveys a simple stylish optical euphony.

Natural Living Design Natural Living Design
Natural Living Design Natural Living Design

Urban Jungle living trend

Green makes a great main colour in Urban Jungle style when smaller design elements meet green wallpaper, green plants or dark wood and create an atmosphere that is hard to resist.

An especially lovely combination for the living room can be created from a rug in green with cushions or blankets as well as wallpaper elements with green plant patterns. A green high pile rug such as our "Viscum" in combination with dark wood or leather elements also creates harmony.

Urban Jungle Design Urban Jungle Design
Urban Jungle Design Urban Jungle Design
Teppich Hellgrün Dunkelgrün Teppich Hellgrün Dunkelgrün

Nothing makes green in your own four living spaces livelier than combining it with green plants. Whether small plants at the table or larger ones that exude jungle flair - a comprehensive feel-good ambience is ensured.

Whether high pile or short pile - the rug in green blends into a natural environment. With the Urban Jungle style, your home becomes a green paradise.

Farbenfroh gewebt

Beige & Grün

Hier haben wir zwei naturfarbene «Viscum White» Teppiche mit einem dunkelgrünem «Viscum Fir» kombiniert. Das letzte Eck ziert ein grüner «Salix Beech» mit seiner unifarbenen Seite.

Hell und gefühlvoll

Beige & Weiß

Vier Teppich der Größe ‚Modul 01‘ bilden dieses helle Teppich-Quadrat: In Beige siehst du die unifarbene Seite des «Salix Cappuccino». Das Weiß kommt durch den «Tilia White» zustande.

Ein Duett der Klassiker

Beige & Grau

Das Herz dieser Kombination bildet zwei Mal das Teppichmodul «Fagus Grey» in der Größe Modul 02. Am Rand liegen zwei Modul 01 Teppiche vom Modell «Ribes White».

Erdige Naturtöne

Beige & Braun

Auch ohne FELICE Module zu arrangieren kannst du dir einen mehrfarbigen Teppich zulegen: Der «Pinus Nougat» wird aus brauner und beiger Schafwolle gewebt.

Combining green?

Rugs in green can be wonderfully combined with other colours and provide exciting new colour partnerships that are well worth seeing. A variety of uses are guaranteed, even if you don't want to commit to a certain home décor style forever and want to be open to change.


For example, a stylish combination could be green alongside colours of grey, pink, white, yellow or brown. Even if some combinations are new to you, you will notice that they set fresh focal points which bring the entire living room, children's room or bedroom into a new setting.


With our FELICE rug modules, you maintain great flexibility and can replace individual rug elements without having to replace the entire wool rug. If you are stuck on one colour and want to redecorate, you can do so at any time with our module. After all, we all need a little change within our four walls at some point.


Whether you prefer a runner format, a square rug or a classic rectangular rug, the FELICE modules allow you to stay versatile with shapes and colours

Teppich Grau und Grün Teppich Grau und Grün

Rather subtle and very stylish is a combination of the colours green and grey, which you can perpetuate in your wool rug.

Displayed: «Salix Grass» and «Viscum Anthrazite»

Teppich Rosa und Grün Teppich Rosa und Grün

A little more daring combination of green and pink, which, in addition to a rich colour, provides a neat splash of colour that can be wonderfully emphasized with decorative elements such as vases or picture frames.

Displayed: «Ribes Pink» and «Ribes Grass»

Teppich Braun und Grün Teppich Braun und Grün

The combination of green and brown exudes a bit of autumnal feeling. This look is wonderfully subtle, stylish and calm, creating feelings of balance and relaxation.

Displayed: «Pinus Ground» and «Tilia Fir»

Teppich Gelb und Grün Teppich Gelb und Grün

The constellation of green and yellow attracts attention. Arranged as a checkerboard pattern for example, it has a unique beauty.

Displayed: «Salix Yellow» and «Ribes Grass»

Rugs in green - our conclusion

With your green rug oasis, you bring a piece of nature into your own four walls. The colour green is versatile, creates a warm and cosy atmosphere and is not only suitable for the living room, but also for the children's room or bedroom. Just like a piece of nature on the floor, a wool rug in green presents itself as a design element that you and your kids will love because of the pleasant atmosphere and the numerous combination possibilities.