Urban Jungle

Bring the wilderness into your home!

Do you want to feel like you're in the jungle and to lose yourself in exotic plants and bright greens? Nothing could be easier. Urban Jungle is the name of a home trend that is enjoying growing popularity. Plants, animals and other natural elements are integrated into this home style, creating a jungle-like feeling.

Plants for a jungle ‘look’

Urban Jungle style creates a calming atmosphere in which you can relax after a long day at work. Think décor that reflects tropical regions of South America, Africa or Australia. And what suits the tropics better than plants in the most diverse shades of green?

Which plants are suitable for your urban jungle?

Our top 8 urban jungle plants:

  1. the window leaf, Monstera deliciosa, a classic among pot plants
  2. the light-loving monocot, Spatiphyllum floribundum
  3. the popular ufo plant, which is easy to propagate
  4. the exotic candlestick flower requires a practised hand
  5. the alocasia fills any room with its large leaves
  6. succulents and cacti need to be watered carefully
  7. whether a bouquet of flowers or a budding twig: fresh cut flowers bring atmosphere into any home!
  8. dried flowers! Sounds dusty and old-school? It doesn’t have to be if you have eucalyptus or grasses, thistles or ferns at hand. Let your creative juices flow.


More about this soon in our new magazine article, in which florist and designer Lisa Thalmayr enriches us with her knowledge.


Pure plant diversity Pure plant diversity
Water please!

Green is beautiful, but who's going to water it?

Our top watering tip: watering with clay cones is a natural, convenient and great way to save time and effort when watering your plants.

The clay cone "senses" when the soil gets dry, slowly releases the water into the soil and ensures your plants get the water they need. This solution is available for both indoor and outdoor plants, you need to follow a few rules to make it all work.

We can confirm that clay cones have become favourite accessories for forgetful friends of ours :)

Plants everywhere Plants everywhere

Tropical walls

Everyone has a flower pot but flower pots aren’t a typical jungle look, right? Well, you're right about that. To bring the perfect urban jungle look into your home, the tropical feeling has to come directly from the walls. There are different ways to do this:

Show your colours

Paint your walls in natural tones or make it colourful with strong green. A painted wall alone can give you that jungle feeling. You can also refine it with special paint swiping techniques that add structure to the walls. Combining several shades of green can also create a nice effect. You can also get creative and paint exotic motifs or leaves of all kinds on the wall yourself. However, make sure that your room is large enough and bright enough, so that the final jungle look doesn't become too much for you.

Colours of Green Colours of Green

Find the perfect shade of green for your Urban Jungle dream home.

Green upon green - combine as many shades of green as you like, they will harmonise well together.

Try different paint swiping techniques to create more texture on the walls.

The Urban Jungle look for walls is also a good choice in bedrooms.

Everything in green: green walls combined with golden and white elements create a pleasant atmosphere.

Here's the proof: the colour green is suitable for every room, including kitchens – where good taste affects every dish ;-)


If your own painting skills are not quite the best, wallpaper is often a good alternative. There are a wide variety of motifs - exotic, floral or even 3D effects that will take you right into the jungle. Floral prints can be used for a delicate background or as highlights. The decision is entirely up to you. But first think about how many walls you want to cover with wallpaper and whether the look fits your room. Sometimes less is more.

Floral print wallpaper Floral print wallpaper

Add texture to your wall with wallpaper and bring it to life.

You can create special effects with certain wallpapers. For example, you can give your walls a marble look or a "wild" touch.

Add a wallpaper with beautifully realistic leaves to your walls and feel like you're in the heart of the jungle.

It doesn't always have to be green - floral print brings colour into your urban jungle.

Do you have an artistic streak? Then you could dream up a DIY project to create your own jungle themed walls.

Bring your walls to life

Let your flowers and plants grow from the walls with the beautiful trend of a vertical garden. This can be as simple as hanging up stacked flower boxes or shelves with plants lined up close together. Alternatively, you can get dangling plant holders at almost any DIY store. In the meantime, "living" picture frames have also become indispensable for many furniture stores.

If you want to hang a DIY garden on a wall, you can use jars and tins, for example, and hang them up elegantly. Or you can make a low box yourself from several pieces of light wood, line it with a waterproof cover and start planting. Ideal plants for your vertical garden are mosses, ferns, pea plants, climbing figs or the three-master flower.

Hanging gardens in pot Hanging gardens in pot

Bring your walls to life with a vertical garden. Kit options are available in many furniture stores.

You have a free choice of plants. Ivy is particularly suitable for creating a flat vertical garden.

Simple wall clay pots filled with green plants give your Urban Jungle a more rustic touch.

You can also hang your plants from walls and ceilings like vines. A jungle feeling is guaranteed.

Combine ferns, ivy or other climbing plants in your hanging gardens and amaze your guests.

By using a multitude of plants with different shades of green, you can create true works of art.

Simply put in place

If you prefer rather plain walls or simply don't want to repaint, you can easily create the Urban Jungle style with your choice of interior design. Use natural materials such as wood, rattan, raffia, linen or even sheep wool. Combine this with natural tones such as green or brown and you have the perfect prerequisites for the Urban Jungle style.

But the real star of this interior style is definitely a themed choice of decoration: a very nature-inspired look with strong tropical highlights. The best way to achieve this look is with countless plants - on the floor in baskets, on the walls as a hanging garden or even from the ceiling in Liana style.

If you don't have a green thumb, just go for floral prints on upholstery, curtains or pictures on the walls. Small animal-shaped figures or raffia decorations complement the style perfectly. Remember that an Urban Jungle style works best if you use it purposefully and don't overload it ;-)

Potted plants Potted plants

Plants as far as the eye can see - combine different clay or ceramic pots to create your own Urban Jungle.

One plant, two plants, three plants... Place several smaller ones next to each other and let yourself be enchanted by your mini garden.

On a stool, a mantelpiece or simply on the floor: with the Urban Jungle look, plants can be placed anywhere.

Green in combination with light colours or wood creates a clean look and gives you the feeling of being outside.

You can also transform your bedroom into a jungle with ivy, ferns or other plants with large leaves.

Is a plant on every shelf too much? Not with the Urban Jungle look. Here you can place as many green plants as you like.

Combine the different shades of green in your plants with green furniture and keep the rest classic white - the result is simply stylish.

Natural materials such as wood, rattan or raffia are ideal for an Urban Jungle look. How about plant baskets like these?

Natural materials to consider

In German, "Urban Jungle" means exactly what it brings to mind: an urban jungle. Since nature is often rare in big cities, and flats with gardens or balconies are more of a luxury item, people have started to simply bring the longed-for greenery into their own four walls. And as we all know, time in nature is good for body, mind and soul. And that is basically the goal of this interior design style:

Natural materials Natural materials
Rattan combined with green Rattan combined with green
Sheep wool rug green Sheep wool rug green
Green sofa Green sofa

More than just botany

The Urban Jungle style is more than just plants, plants and more plants. It's about giving you the feeling of being outdoors and in nature. You don't even have to leave the house. Natural materials such as wood, raffia, bamboo, rattan, linen, sheep wool or jute also create a cosy, comfortable environment. They create a connection to nature that gives you a calm, peaceful feeling.

Picture a sofa made of green fabric, a wooden table in front of it on a beige rug made of sheep wool and raffia baskets next to it. Your home jungle look is already perfect.

Artificial plants and bright lights are however absolute no-goes. They create an inauthentic atmosphere that should be avoided. Soft and warm lighting, with ideally lots of daylight, bring harmony and are also good for the plants.

Urban Jungle decorations

All decoration lovers get their money's worth with the Urban Jungle style. But here too, keep in mind that nature should dominate. Wooden or clay figures, dried grasses or flowers in ceramic or glass vases or real pressed flowers in picture frames really bring nature into your home. You can create a special look by adding weathered wood or rusty steel highlights.

If you want to feel the jungle look with all your senses, use a diffuser with a wooden base as an additional decorative element. It not only blends perfectly into the picture, but also creates a light sense of humidity. Combined with natural fragrances reminiscent of forests and sunlight, it can create a peaceful, tropical atmosphere. You can round off your jungle world with music and soft forest sounds.

Masks and decoration from natural materials Masks and decoration from natural materials
Urban Jungle decoration Urban Jungle decoration
Urban Jungle decoration Urban Jungle decoration
Diffuser from wood Diffuser from wood

Natural rugs for your Urban Jungle home

You can create pure nature feels for your feet with one of our rugs made from sheep wool. The 100% natural raw material of these rugs alone makes them ideal for the Urban Jungle style. In terms of colour, you can go for subtle brown and beige tones or go for "jungle" green.

Click through our FELICE rugs right now. We will be happy to send you up to four free rug samples and are always available to answer your questions.