Black is back:

Your rug, in black

Classic, timeless elegance - that's what the colour black stands for. By placing a black rug into your home, you can easily bring this style alive within your four walls.

Our rugs offer you a variety of possible black tones. Patterns are sometimes dominated by other colours, but the black sets them off skilfully. Click through our rugs and rug modules and find your perfect black.

Styling-Tipps in black

Sheep's Wool Rugs in black

Elegance, seriousness and credibility - as simple as the colour black may seem, its effect and meaning run deep. In terms of colour psychology, black is supposed to protect against external emotional stress. Stylistically, black is an incredible style element - as our rugs also demonstrate. The combination possibilities seem almost endless. Black rugs can become eye-catchers themselves, or highlight other colours by making them shine.

Fancy a chessboard or a zebra?

Black-White-Combination Black-White-Combination

Rugs in black and white

In combination with lighter shades such as white or beige, black creates an exciting contrast. It makes other colours appear more intense and almost makes them glow. In Fengh-Shui, a combination of black and white stands for harmony. Combining this quality with baroque patterns creates a sensation of pure elegance.

In our rug range you will find modern runners, rectangular living room rugs, or you can create your own individual rug made of virgin sheep's wool with FELICE modules. The different patterns and weaves will brighten up any darker room.

Rug in Black and White Rug in Black and White

Vintage and retro style in black

Vintage Deko Vintage Deko

Want to give your living room a glamorous look from times gone by? Nothing could be easier!

The vintage or retro look is very popular and gives every room a special atmosphere. You can go for second-hand or, if you prefer to go for modern, the retro department is just right: a hint of old but still new.

Black can be used to skilfully accentuate these styles and thus conjure up pure elegance in any room, be it with a black wing chair in the living room, a black tap in the kitchen or a black rug in the bedroom. Not only single-coloured rugs can underline this style, but large patterns or rugs made of virgin sheep's wool or soft pile also emphasise this design.

Vintage Deko Vintage Deko



Vintage Design Vintage Design



Black Glamour Look

Black Glamour Look Black Glamour Look

Simple, reduced and tone-in-tone – a fitting description for the "Black Glamour Look". This design is characterised above all by a monochrome style and thus gives your home a chic and elegant touch. It is precisely this timelessness that makes many a fan as the combination of different shades from black to anthracite creates an incredible effect.

Plain rugs in black skilfully set the scene in any room. How about adding a few gold or silver accents as the icing on the cake? With these muted and impressive colours, your living room will become a mysterious palace.

Boho- und Ethno-Style

What is a Boho- or Ethno Style?

These styles stand for a rather unconventional or "imperfect" look. The word "boho" is derived from the term "bohemian" and refers to a certain social class in the 19th century. It consisted of writers, artists and musicians who opposed the conventional life of the bourgeoisie.

In boho and ethnic style, the central elements are wood, rattan and, above all, lots of decoration. Large patterns often play an important role, but the main atmosphere should be cosy, natural and free.


Do black and cosy go together?

Yes, a black rug can do just that. Combined with other dark tones, it brings calm to your home. It can either become an eye-catcher itself or skilfully set the scene for the colourful home accessories. Especially in combination with wood and warm brown tones, black becomes a dream. And that's how you can quickly get a touch of ethno in the air.

Boho-Stil in Black Boho-Stil in Black
Our tip: use contrasts!
A black rug in the living room on a light parquet floor catches the eye and unfolds its effect. On a dark floor, however, it can quickly be perceived as too dark. The same applies to small rooms. The size of the rug should be chosen carefully here, otherwise black can tend to take over the whole room.

Caring for your black rug

Now, this is certainly something every rug owner likes to hear: caring for black rugs is really easy.

Because they are so dark and swallow the light, they also mostly swallow the dirt and can cleverly hide it for a certain period of time. They are therefore ideal for areas where heavy soiling takes place. A black short pile rug is particularly suitable for an entrance area. Not only does the colour camouflage dirt perfectly here, but the pile height is also easy to clean.

In a living room or bedroom, on the other hand, the pile height can be longer. The cosy factor is what counts here. In black, this gets an additional touch.

Schwarzer Teppich Schwarzer Teppich

A few quick tips for cleaning your rug:

  • Vacuum and air out regularly.
  • It is better to vacuum more often and at half power.
  • Act quickly in case of liquid.
  • Scents help to prevent moths.

A variety of materials for a black rug

It's not just combinations or patterns that can create a great living effect. What one may not immediately consider is that materials can also create a wow effect and a special “feel-good” atmosphere.

In general, a distinction can be made between synthetic and natural fibres. The latter includes materials such as jute, viscose, cotton or sheep's wool. All of them radiate cosiness and stand for a more sustainable future. Depending on the quality, there are of course price differences.

Our Felice rugs are woven from 100 percent virgin sheep's wool. There are no limits to your creativity, even in black.


Even if you are a little sceptical about a black rug at first, it's a step worth taking. When combined with light colours, it creates exciting contrasts and brings your rooms to life. In small rooms, however, you should make sure that it doesn't risk making the space too dark.

Buying a black rug online

Teppichtraum in Schwarz Teppichtraum in Schwarz

Black is a matter of taste and not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. Just click through our products and samples. We will gladly send you rug samples free of charge. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. This will give you a better idea of whether you can really imagine the colour in your home and whether your dream combination be the perfect fit.