Dreams in creme and white

Créme de la Créme

Pure new wool rugs in beige and white add an elegant touch to your home. Here we have compiled our beige and white rugs for you. Natural-coloured rugs can be combined with pretty much anything. A rug in beige, cream or natural colour is a classic without an expiry date. 

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Sheep's wool rugs in beige

Beige! It's rare to find a more elegant combination of chic and cosy in a single colour. With a beige rug, you can create a tranquil focal point in your living space that's both trendy and timeless.

Natural, cream and beige

The name beige originally comes from French, meaning natural-coloured, sand-coloured, yellow-brown.

The translation alone shows that the shade is a difficult one to grasp: Is it whiter? Or more yellow? Or rather brown? The beige, natural, cream-colored spectrum is diverse!

As a natural colour, beige stands for peace, security and safety. It has a relaxing and balancing effect. With its smart understatement of tone, beige centres your living room, bedroom or home office and embraces the feeling of home.

Does the colour beige also bring back a faint reminiscence of your childhood? A thought of Grandma and Grandpa? For many, beige is a positive throwback; for parents it may be remembering the warm fabric tones of a sofa near the fireplace or for children it may be the natural cosiness of a cuddle. Perhaps these are the reasons why beige has been able to establish itself anew in interior design without being considered too old-fashioned.

Boho style: pure natural colours

Light shades take the lead in a boho-style living room design: natural colours such as beige, cream or white are central hues and influence the design.

These bright colours harmonize with the opulent cheerfulness and joie de vivre of Boho Chic. Use the natural tones as a wall colour, as a woollen rug or for decorative elements such as cushions, candles or even playful macramé.

Working with variations of the colour beige when decorating will help you create a friendly feel-good oasis for all generations to feel at home in.

Boho design: The origin

Boho style is a melting pot of colour, texture and pattern, combining influences and elements from different cultures and eras.

In the 60s and 70s, the bohemian style gained renewed popularity in wake of the hippie movement, much of that period can be found in today's boho chic.


Combine beige rugs

Beige rugs are a safe and long-lasting addition to many interior styles; you can arrange them perfectly with a variety of other colours.

Go wild and create your individual wool carpet, using our FELICE modular system, with a delicate beige as a basis. Mix and match different shades; let yourself be surprised by a variety that you might not have expected from the simple colour beige.

Colourful woven

Beige & Green

Here we have combined two natural-coloured «Viscum White» carpets with a dark green «Viscum Fir». The last corner is decorated with a green «Salix Beech» with its plain side up.

Bright and soulful

Beige & White

Four rugs of the size 'Modul 01' form this light square rugs: in beige you see the plain side of the «Salix Cappuccino». The white comes from «Tilia White».

A duet of classics

Beige & Grey

The heart of this combination is formed by two Modul 02 rugs of the «Fagus Grey» model, with two bordering Modul 01 rugs of the «Ribes White» model.

Earthy natural tones

Beige & Brown

Even without arranging FELICE modules, you can get yourself a multi-coloured rug: the «Pinus Nougat» is woven from brown and beige sheep's wool.

How to live in beige, nature and cream

Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche

Use different rug modules to underline your personal style: beige and brown combinations look very harmonious.

In any living room, a cosy environment can be created with beige elements such as stylishly woven sheep's wool rugs.

Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche
Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche

Whether simple, reduced or even shabby-chic: you can integrate light rugs into any style of home decor.

Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche

.With natural-coloured rugs and decorative elements, you can stylishly accentuate a focal colour in the bedroom - like blue here

In bedrooms, colours like cream, beige and nature act as a haven of peace. Where, if not here, is tranquillity the top priority.

Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche
Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche

The dining room also looks good with a beige rug, which provides a bright spot in the midst of wooden tones.

What about dirt on the beige rug?

Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche Schmutzunempflindliche graue Teppiche

Like all light colours, beige rugs are naturally a little more sensitive to dirt. However, with normal everyday use in the living room or bedroom, they prove to show good endurance. In addition, virgin wool rugs are characterized by their natural, dirt-repellent property. 

However, if the rug is part of your children's favourite home obstacle course and the rug will be subject to muddy boots, we clearly recommend going for a darker colour!




With a beige rug you get a fashionable classic in the house that lasts. The subtle colour allows you to change your living style and to put the rug in the limelight again and again. From boho casualness to minimalist zen style or a middle-class ambience: this colour always makes the cut.