Rugs for the living room

Twelve modern colours for your living room rug

A carpet in the living room makes the room particularly cosy. Every interior style allows for a variety of colours: the classic shades of beige, grey, brown and white are timeless and almost always fit in with their environment. With a green, red, pink or turquoise carpet however, you can create a modern eye-catcher in your living room. Let yourself be inspired!

Which carpet size in the living room?

Of course, not every living room is the same. Popular rug sizes include measurements of 170 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm.

A current trend is that of large ‘short pile’ carpets in living rooms, as the features of the rug add that extra comfort effect to the landscape of your room. If you have enough space, you can customise a particularly large living room rug with our FELICE modules - get creative!


Grey Living Room Rugs 

A grey carpet in a living room can never be a mistake. This timeless yet perpetually modern colour conveys elegance and calm. Grey tones are a great way to balance out a colourful ambience in the living room.

A grey rug in the living room is super easy to combine with the rest of your décor. You can also choose between a range of different sizes for your grey living room carpet. So, there is something for every taste and nothing stands in the way of your own fengshui.


When you choose your grey carpet for your living room, you will come across different shades of grey. From light grey to anthracite, you'll find plenty of variety. You can also try our FELICE modular system to create the rug of your dreams with several shades of grey and different sizes.

You can combine grey with many colours. Your wall can be blue, yellow or green, and the grey of your living room rug will harmonise beautifully. Furthermore, a grey rug can be combined with colourful decorative items such as cushions or blankets, to bring out their colours even better.

Grey carpets also look fantastic with different types of furniture. Dark sofas or living room walls make an especially pleasant visual impression when contrasted with a lighter grey. In modern or minimalistic furnished living rooms, the grey carpet looks very elegant in combination with wood or black. Even with white interiors, a soft colour transition can be created by adding a grey carpet. No matter what style of living you are aiming for, the grey living room rug makes for a flexible and adaptable product. With its timeless character, it will also withstand renovations and changes.

A big advantage of the colour grey is its dirt resistance. This is especially the case with darker grey carpets, because dirt is not immediately visible, and the carpet can be easily cleaned.

Beige Living Room Rugs 

Beige is a neutral companion and a go-to colour where you just can't go wrong. Light colours always make a room look larger, which can often make a significant contribution in a smaller living room. A beige living room rug is especially great for a simple interior style, as its soft colour adds a natural flair to the room. The size you choose depends on the amount of space you have. Large beige carpets fill the room considerably, whereas small ones serve as an additional detail in the furnishings.


Beige offers many nuances and is a completely uncomplicated furnishing colour in relation to any other colours belonging to your interior. A beige living room rug may not immediately catch the eye, yet its functional features are far from being insignificant.

With dark furniture, a soft beige rug in the living room helps to make the room look bright and soft, so that the furnishings can also be shown off to their best advantage. Smaller living rooms are well suited to beige rugs, as they visually enlarge the room and thus contribute positively to the overall impression. You can personalise the size of your living room rug with our FELICE modular system, or you can choose from one of the standard sizes.

The modular system also gives you the option of combining different shades of beige and putting them together as you like. Do you prefer cream or sand? Beige is changeable and elegant. The timeless colour creates a pleasant atmosphere without distracting from the style of the furniture and the rest of the interior.

However, you should be aware that the incidence of light can often make the beige of your living room rug look different. This is important if you have beige furniture, and you want to maintain a harmonious transition. Especially in very bright rooms that enjoy a lot of natural light, the colour differences can make the different shades of beige look colourless.

Green Living Room Rugs 

With a green living room rug, you give a room a natural touch, that immediately reminds you of meadows, plants and forests. This trendy colour has often made an appearance in our homes in recent years. Whether in a living room in a city centre, or a cottage in the country, a green carpet can be an excellent feature of combination. Especially in flats where a plain and monochrome furnishing style prevails, a green carpet in the living room provides the right contrast and makes a real statement. A classic look that will catch the eye of every guest!


There is great demand for this natural trend colour for a reason. Among other things, green carpets convey serenity and cosiness with their colour. They help you to feel connected to nature no matter what the season.

A living room looks very noble with a dark green carpet in combination with other gracious colours and lends the room a certain prestige. Moreso, a Scandinavian, minimalist design is also wonderfully suited to a green carpet. With white or walnut-coloured interiors, the green carpet in the living room becomes an absolute eye-catcher and invites you to relax after a strenuous day. It is also a pleasant contrast to light-coloured living room walls.

Thanks to the variety of green shades, everyone can find a green carpet to match their furniture. Whether you prefer olive green, or a dark forest green is up to you. Why not combine different shades of green with our FELICE modular system and design your rug entirely according to your wishes. It's also up to you whether you choose our standard sizes or adapt the size to your measurements with the modular system.

Green carpets can be stylishly arranged with decorative items in your living room. Whether your cushions are pink, yellow or grey, the green carpet blends in with many colour schemes and - if desired - also supports the exotic jungle look.

Brown Living Room Rugs 

Thanks to its warm colour, a brown living room rug creates a pleasant and cosy living atmosphere that invites you to linger and relax. At any time of year, your soft brown living room rug will spread a touch of warmth and security. Brown is not too obtrusive, but still gives you the opportunity to set subtle colour accents and thus create a varied design. The variety of sizes and colours is enormous. So, there is something for every taste and nothing stands in the way of your well-being in the living room.


Brown living room rugs were already extremely popular and modern in the 70s. This popularity over the years is due to the pleasant shade as well as its variety. It harmonises particularly well with other colours and can be wonderfully integrated into the rest of the design. You can therefore combine your brown carpet with furniture that has natural colours, or you can coordinate a bright colour like yellow or orange with your brown carpet in the living room.

However, you should always make sure that the furnishings and the carpet have a pleasant contrast. Because sometimes two identical shades next to each other can seem too intrusive. Not every shade of brown is the same. As with beige carpets, different incidences of light can make the colour look different and smudge the overall picture if the brown tones in the home are similar. The patterns in the carpet can also often be decisive for the look of the flat.

Several shades of brown within the rug itself can also be coordinated. If you like a more playful style and want to try out different combinations, we recommend our FELICE modular system. Here you can also configure a special size or choose one of our large standard models. After all, what makes a home more pleasant than a huge, soft, brown carpet that invites you to relax every evening?

Be inspired by our colour variations and patterns.

White Living Room Rugs 

A popular all-rounder and suitable for every home: a white carpet in the living room is a popular accessory for good reason. White radiates clarity and elegance and can be used flexibly. In addition, a white, rectangular rug visually enlarges the room, which is particularly advantageous in smaller and darker living rooms. Furthermore, it offers a pleasant counterpoint to darker furniture and creates a cosy living atmosphere with lighter furnishings. A white carpet in a living room will rarely go wrong.


The variety and adaptability that a white carpet offers you is vast. White also proves to be a popular choice. In combination with a leather couch, dark flooring or colourful decorative accessories, everything is possible. If you opt for an "all-white look", you can set accents with colourful cushions, vases and the like. A white short pile carpet is perfect in a living room with a Scandinavian theme, as white will be dominant colour for such a style.

White is also reminiscent of the south and brings out feelings of the sea. That's why a white carpet also fits into living rooms that are furnished in beach house style. This way, you can give your living room a gentle maritime touch and a hint of dreamy white sandy beaches.

Subtle whites have come into fashion: old white, off-white and cream white are delicate alternatives if pure white is too bright for you. You can also combine different shades of white to create a little contrast.

However, a white carpet is not suitable for all areas because of its sensitivity to dirt. In the hallway or kitchen, we advise you to choose colours carefully. White is more suitable in the living room, for example, where it can stay away from dirty shoe marks or tomato sauce stains.

Red Living Room Rugs 

When you think of a red carpet, do you think of celebrity events or formal functions? Preconceptions aside, you can bring a touch of glamour directly into your living room with a red carpet. Whether for a minimalist, urban style or a more luxurious look: red carpets are a great accessory for a variety of settings.

Red sets special accents and is an immediate eye-catcher for every guest. The colour stands for courage and creativity. Thus, a red carpet finds a special place in many living rooms and makes the living space look cosy and modern in any style.


Whether bright red, wine red or dark red, the variety of colours is enormous, and the right shade can be found for every style of home.

Are you more minimalistic with your furniture? In combination with white furniture, a red living room carpet adds a certain freshness. On the other hand, black furnishings with a red touch convey a romantic atmosphere. You can also create an artistic and aesthetically pleasing overall picture with a grey interior.

If you want to combine your red carpet with vintage furniture, darker shades of red are the way to go. They give the room a certain elegance and cosiness. This combination is also reminiscent of old, historic libraries. This is particularly appealing to bookworms because it creates a cosy atmosphere.

Red carpets can also be combined with a same-coloured couch. Even if that’s a look that make not immediately come to mind, it is a great way to add a touch of modernity and creativity to the room design.

Don't be afraid to go for an unusual red carpet. It's a stylish way to set your living room apart from the rest, and it's sure to get a lot of admiring glances.

Turquoise Living Room Rugs 

Turquoise is often imagined to be the colour of the human soul. It conveys open-mindedness and brings beautiful, joyful thoughts into living spaces. The colour reminds you of a clear sky or a turquoise blue sea and lets your thoughts wander into daydreams.

A turquoise carpet in the living room can be a great colour addition or a real eye-catcher in combination with simplistically styled furniture. Whoever enters the room will feel freeness and serenity.


The variety of colours that turquoise offers is large and multifaceted. Mint, light or pastel, depending on the intensity, the colours can be effectively integrated into Scandinavian as well as English or French interior design styles.

As turquoise is often associated with the beach and the sea, decorative items such as shells, decorative fish or pebbles go perfectly with your turquoise living room rug. You might even feel like picking up a paintbrush and matching the carpet colour to one of your walls.

Turquoise carpets are best combined with interiors in neutral shades such as beige, cream, white or grey. Other cool colours such as blue or purple are also popular as secondary colours and set accents. If you want to create contrast, go for yellow as a counterpoint to turquoise. For example, you can make a real statement in your living room with a turquoise carpet and yellow decorations.

As with many things, the choice of colour depends on personal taste. We dare you to try something new and accessorize your living room with one of our beautiful turquoise carpets!

Pink Living Room Rugs 

This bright and friendly colour radiates energy and immediately creates positive feelings. A living room is the most central room within a home, be it a family gathering point or simply a “chill zone” where it’s easy to switch off. With all the time you spend in the living room, a pink carpet comes in handy as an influencer of positive feelings. What’s more, guests will immediately feel at home in this soft, cosy, pink environment. A pink rug blends in perfectly with many living room styles.


Pink is often associated with girly or feminine styles. However, your choice of pink within a living room can also set pleasant, varied accents that will please every member of the household.

By choosing a subtle pink for instance, your choice of colour will brighten and enlarge the room. A shabby-chic style will perfectly complement light pink carpets. Such carpets are often mottled with beige coloured spots, meaning that not only pink catches the eye. In addition, this style can also work with decoration in a wide variety of pastel colours, so that the furnishings convey cosiness and serenity.

Those who prefer Scandinavian design will create a great living space together with grey or white furniture. Accents in gold or copper add a touch of luxury.

Bright pink carpets also make for excellent combinations with other bright colours. With our FELICE modular system, you can combine colours like orange, yellow or green with pink tones to create your own individual rug for your living room. If you want to stick to one shade of pink, you can use the modular system to adjust the size only, or you can choose one of our standard sizes.

Blue Living Room Rugs 

A blue carpet in your living room will amaze your visitors, because this colour is a real trend. A blue carpet makes your living room look young, fresh and conveys a beach flair. The range of colour combinations that work with blue are diverse and flexible. You can choose from several different shades to match the style of your home. A blue living room rug is very suitable for the Scandi look but also transports you to the south with a reminder of the big blue sea.


Blue living room rugs add a colourful accent to your room and can be well combined with other colours and home accessories.

The colour palette that blue offers you is diverse, and the nuances can be wonderfully coordinated. You can create a carpet combination of light and dark blue without the carpet looking too overbearing. Nevertheless, you should pay attention to the choice of size, because the colour is very strong and can be stifling if the rug is too large. Of course, this also depends on the rest of the interior.

On the one hand, a lighter colour tone leads to a visual enlargement of the room, whilst on the other hand, a dark royal blue can make large rooms cosier.

A blue living room rug offers a refreshing contrast to light-coloured furniture. A grey interior also looks elegant and modern with this accessory. Overall, for living rooms that are furnished in a vintage style, a blue carpet with its elegant flair makes for a wonderful addition.

The effect that blue has on the mind is very positive as the colour can promote concentration and enliven an atmosphere. This is particularly advantageous if you tend to work from home and your living room has also become your office as a blue carpet will enable a feel-good atmosphere when relaxing after a strenuous day.

Orange Living Room Rugs 

A colour that immediately reminds you of summer and refreshes your mood. With an orange rug decorating your living room, you'll create a cheerful and energetic mood every time you step inside. Orange is best coordinated with dark furniture. Depending on the colour, the rug can be the dominant item in your living room or contribute to the overall colour scheme and invite you to linger a little longer. An orange rug is a wonderful choice, you simply can’t go wrong!


Orange rugs add a special charm to your living room and are inviting, cosy accessories. The colour mixture of red and yellow creates different shades, which can all have a different effect. An orange carpet looks particularly good in the living room because it conveys warmth and cosiness, and the colour has a very socially beneficial effect. In this way, you can create a pleasant living atmosphere with a simple decorative item, in which all members of the household enjoy spending a lot of time.

For example, orange in a delicate pastel sets soft accents, while orange tones with brown undertones create an earthy, natural colour impression in the room.

In combination with blue decorative items, a colour combination is created that can be found in living rooms in vintage style. For something more exotic, add an orange rug to a living room that has yellow or pink in its colour palette. Or you can add the orange rug as a statement to your white décor. This will result in a true eye-catcher.

If you decorate your living room orange, make sure that the colour of the carpet matches that of the decoration to create a colourful harmony.

Get creative and combine different orange rugs in high pile or short pile with our FELICE modular system. You can exchange them over and over again, placing them as you like.

Yellow Living Room Rugs 

With a yellow living room rug, you can create a warm and radiant atmosphere. It immediately brightens up the room and puts everyone in a good mood. Yellow can also be nicely combined with beige tones or can add a modern, sleek look when paired with grey. The overall appearance of the living room is positively influenced by a yellow carpet.


Bring a ray of sunshine into your home and create a warm and cheerful mood within your four walls with a yellow living room rug.

Do you want your carpet to be as yellow as the sun, or more of a golden shade? The colour palette of yellow is vast, and a yellow carpet can be well matched with your furniture. Mustard yellow, for example, goes well with antique furniture and, together with grey decorations, evokes feelings of nostalgia, whilst pastel yellow carpets go better with lighter-coloured furniture. You often see carpet combinations of yellow, grey and black, which holds an expressive character. Or you can opt for a yellow carpet, grey-black textiles and decorative items.

When decorating, make sure that the colours are similar. You can combine your light yellow rug very well with light blue, green or even pink; this will add to the cosiness of the room.

If you want to try something more daring: a bright yellow carpet combined with red or pink creates an exotic mood. Add a dark green and you have a living room with a great tropical look.


Black Living Room Rugs 

A black carpet in the living room conveys elegance and luxury. Soft, elegant, timeless and completely uncomplicated in terms of other colour combinations, it can be placed anywhere. Whether as a short pile or high pile carpet - it always cuts a fine figure in your home.

This colour choice often makes the living room look like a graceful lounge, which is extremely en vogue at the moment as a trendy change from the popular, light-coloured living room rugs.

In the living room, a black carpet creates a varied contrast to lighter furniture or even colourful decoration. In combination with dark textiles such as upholstery or blankets, the living room is transformed into a high-class room reminiscent of a luxurious hotel lobby.

The black living room rug also suits monochrome furnishing styles. The modern and often special furniture that predominates in this style is characterised by luxury and glamour. Combined with gold, the look becomes complete and adds a mysterious touch.

In addition, a black carpet is easy to clean as dirt is not immediately noticeable and can be easily removed. This means that you not only create a pleasant and high-quality living atmosphere, but also don't have to worry about dirty carpet marks.