Fringed rugs Fringed rugs

Fringed rugs

Fringed rugs are experiencing a true fashion revival: what you may at one time considered to be an item your great grandma owned is now an essential feature of hippie looks and style. Fringed rugs have indeed made a comeback through boho trends.

Rugs fringes themselves are created in manufacturing processes. They result from vertically running warp threads of the rug fabric. At the end of the rug manufacturing process, the warp threads remain as open beginning and end threads. They are knotted tightly and cut evenly. In some rugs, a wool fringe is tied on in addition to the warp yarn, which makes the rug look even more romantic. Fringed rugs are not only a stylish look, but they give wool rugs a harmonious, gallant finishing touch. The rug fringes also help to ensure that the sheep's wool rug rests completely on the floor, thus preventing protruding corners or edges.

Boho rugs

Boho rugs Boho rugs

Rugs with fringes are classics among sheep wool rugs. They are not only elegant and timeless, but they are also absolutely on-trend. For anyone who knows anything about a boho style, the popular fringes are without a doubt celebrating a full comeback.

But what does boho style actually mean?

Different textures, natural materials and not overly perfect - that's what characterises the boho style. It combines influences and elements from different cultures and eras. Over time, boho trends have been revisited and reinterpreted over and over again. What started out as a hippie look in the 70s fashion scene was eventually transferred to the interior design sector. The most important rule here is that there are no rules. Boho style represents casual living with an imperfect look. Light colours and natural materials such as linen or raffia are features that really underline the style. However, you can also easily style the trend with a few colour accents.

Our fringed rugs are one of the ways we can show you how to bring your own boho style right into your home. We have compiled all of our classic woven and fringed rugs for you and divided them into colour sections.

Beige fringed rugs

Beige fringed rugs Beige fringed rugs

If you think beige woollen rugs are outdated, then there are high changes that your opinion is about to change. Beige rugs with fringes perfectly underline a modern boho style in every room.

What’s more, they are also incredibly versatile and easy to combine with the rest of the furniture present. In combination with wood, for instance, a beige wool rug underlines the natural look in your living room and ensures relaxed evenings spent on the couch. Woolly beige rugs bring a touch of nature to any room whilst at the same time behaving as true all-rounders.

White fringed rugs

For those who want to create a modern Boho style, it is best to choose a white or cream fringed rug.

Light colours underline the boho style within your own four walls and are also the perfect basis for your dream home.

With different decorative elements, such as cushions or candles, you can combine all colours with light fringed rugs. A white wool rug with fringes not only brightens up the entire room whilst visually enlarging it, but it also brings feelings of cosy and calm security.

White fringed rugs White fringed rugs

Gray fringed rugs

Gray fringed rugs Gray fringed rugs

Gray fringed rugs are true all-rounders.

Such a rug is not only particularly easy to clean and dirt resistant, but grey wool rugs  with fringes have become long-term trends. Its beautiful tone allows other colours to really shine.

But that doesn't mean that the grey woollen rug steals the show. With its colour, the grey sheep's wool rug creates a real haven of calm in an entire room.

Colourful fringed rugs

Colourful fringed rugs Colourful fringed rugs

If you prefer a more colourful style, you can still stay true to boho chic trends.

In combination with a grey couch, a yellow fringed rug really shines and will be the highlight of any living room.

You can also wonderfully combine blue, pink or green fringed rugs with light-coloured sofas. On the other hand, colourful wool rugs with fringes bring freshness into any room and not only underline boho style but are also real eye-catchers.

Our TIP:

For the ultimate boho style, you can easily create a macramé with our macramé yarn made from virgin sheep's wool. The soft natural material is ideal for any kind of macramé knotting technique. Thanks to its jute core, the yarn is tear-resistant and does not fluff.

Macrame Yarn Colours Macrame Yarn Colours
Ultimate Boho-Style with Makramee Ultimate Boho-Style with Makramee

How to clean and care for a fringed rug

Rugs can be beautifully coiffed. It is important to care not only for the rug itself, but also for the fringes:

  • In general, rug fringes should not be strongly tugged at whilst being cleaned. Along with the transverse weft threads of a rug, the fringes form the skeleton of a wool rug, so to speak.
  • The finer the rug fringes are, the more likely they are to become matted, in a similar way to hair. When combing out fringes, it is recommended to use a comb with adapted tine widths. For fine warp yarns, a normal hair comb can be used and for coarser rug fringes, a comb with wide tine gaps is well suited.
  • If individual fringes are knotted, it is best to unknot them by hand.
  • Normally, the fringes of your wool rug do not get very dirty. Simply shaking out the fringes to make them smooth again is enough to remove the dust.

However, if something has spilt on them, for example, a sticky liquid that has melted into the fringes, there is no reason to panic. In such a case, as with rug cleaning itself, it is best to act immediately to prevent the dirt or spill from drying. It is also important to always work away from the edge of the rug and towards the outside.

Clean and maintain fringed rugs Clean and maintain fringed rugs

You can read about which home remedies are suitable for rug cleaning here. You can find more tips on carpet cleaning and care in this article on rug cleaning.