Choosing the right colour for your bedroom

You wake up to the faint sound of birdsong as the first morning rays of sun flicker through the windows. You open your eyes, stretch out and enjoy the warm cosiness of your bed. So, how did you sleep?

Good sleep depends on many factors, part of which is the right choice of colour for your bedroom. When one considers that people spend about half of their lives sleeping, it then makes sense as to why a pleasant atmosphere is so important, especially in a bedroom. 

The effect of colour on our sleep

When you think about your bedroom, you probably tend to think a room filled with feelings of peace and security: a true safe haven. Indeed, your bedroom is an important area of privacy and retreat, more so than any other room in your house or flat. Therefore, it is especially important that you feel relaxed in it.

Colours can support these feelings of security. As with many things in life, personal taste sets the tone when it comes to choosing colours, and fortunately there is no such thing as an ideal bedroom colour.

On the one hand, you can accentuate your bedroom with bright yellow touches, or create a more mysterious, cosy ambience with different red tones. But if peace, quiet and relaxation are your priorities, then go for green or blue tones. Earthy colours also have a calming effect.

Bedroom sketch Bedroom sketch

Five calming trend colours for bedrooms

To create the best conditions for restful sleep, you should choose colours that have a calming effect on you as you snuggle up in bed at night. We've put together a few of our colour favourites that we think will help anyone get a great night’s sleep.

Relaxed sleep Relaxed sleep

Consider the lighting of your bedroom too:

The colour of your bedroom light also influencesthe general atmosphere of the room..The morning and evening light will make a different to how colours will stand out across the room.

For bedrooms, we recommendchoosing lighting in the warm white colour range of 2,700 to 3,300 Kelvin, which has a cosy and comfortable effect.

Light temperature in the bedroom Light temperature in the bedroom

Grey coloured bedrooms

Grey tones can be mixed by combining the primary colours red, blue and yellow, among others. If one of the colours has a larger share in the mixture, the grey will also tend towards the tint of the colour in question. This is why there are warmer and cooler shades of grey.

Each and every type of grey can be a suitable one for a bedroom. Grey radiates calm and promotes rest and relaxation. Grey in grey is a pretty design, but so is grey with different coloured or wooden highlights.

Grey Bedroom Grey Bedroom

Combine different shades of grey on walls, on the floor and on bed sheets. With an extra touch of warm wooden decorations, you will easily create a cosy atmosphere.

In a grey coloured bedroom, you can arrange white and brown rugs alongside any grey rugs.

If you want to keep your bedroom completely grey, make sure that the colour is lighter for smaller rooms. A dark colour will not suit such a room.

Cool grey can also have a warming, cosy effect: think trendy giant knitted blankets made of chunky wool. Such a colour can enable a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Light coloured wood also fits well in a grey bedroom. However, make sure you only use one type of wood to keep the look or pattern uniform. 

You can transform a classic white look into a bedroom with grey highlights by making just a few changes to the headboard, curtains and bed linen. 

Beautiful colour and material combinations with grey as the basic colour: different kinds of wood, rosé fabric and rosé gold add a graceful touch.

Pastel coloured bedrooms

Mix a small splash of colour with a white base colour and voilà, you have a gentle pastel shade. Pastel shades are very popular in bedrooms due to their lightness and the fact that they make rooms look pleasant and inviting.

The colour palette is almost endless: rosé, delicate sky blue, calming light green, stylish lavender blue or natural cream colours - the choice is yours. White is always a good choice of combination here too. Take a look at our dreamy pastel bedroom inspirations!

Farbkarte Farbkarte

White plays a major role in pastel-coloured bedrooms: it provides an underlying sense of calm in a room and really sets the scene for the colour play.

These pastel bedroom rugs bring a soft warm touch not only in the room, but also to bare feet when it's time to get up.

Pastel shades are not just a girls' dream: this bedroom in soft blue tones promotes restful sleep for anyone.

Bottles, vases and flower pots in different shades of blue and green are ideal for decoration.

Play around with different shades of pink and rose to turn your bedroom into a picturesque, romantic retreat. 

No matter which pastel colour you choose: add cosy woollen blankets in soft shades onto your bed to increase the feel-good factor in your bedroom.

A wallpaper with ornaments in discreet colours can give the restrained pastel look that certain something whilst stylishly and effortlessly complementing a white wall.

Decoration is often the finishing touch. You can show off your pastel style with floral decorations. Here stylishly implemented with STYLIT sheep wool felt.

White bedrooms

Boring or classic? The fact is that white is timeless and makes an ideal combination. Yet, if you have ever touched up stains on the wall and noticed a big difference once the paint dries, then you’ll know that white has countless nuances. These range from radiant white to a yellowish tinge, to a greyish shimmer. White is truly multi-faceted. We recommend keeping this factor in mind when combining bedroom furniture from different manufacturers.   

White can be a good option as the bottom-line of your bedroom design and will work with any strongly contrasting colour. We have selected a few very subtle, calm colour concepts for bedrooms. Let yourself be carried away into a dream land of cosy ideas!

Colour chart Colour chart

White is not always a standalone look, and that's a good thing: light wood, cream colours, beige tones and even light grey can come together in a chic way.

There are numerous rugs in chic white that differ in weave and colour nuances – made to skilfully blend into your bedroom aesthetic.

To make sure that white doesn’t dominate your décor, you can add light brown touches with dried flowers or branches to the peaceful green that houseplants bring.

White is made for the romantic, trendy boho style in a bedroom: rattan, wicker, macramé & co. will perfectly compliment such a look.

Get creative by knotting your own macramé! The back-and-forth between natural materials has a particularly stylish effect. 

White is a go-to for any cottage-style bedroom aesthetic. Combined with dark wood, it has a flawless “British countryside” look.

Dark wood sets the scene for white: you don't have to resort to rare tropical woods, stained domestic woods are also noble eye-catchers.

Our favourite combination with the sheep wool rug: floral decorations made of STYLIT craft felt create a natural romance with flowers and candles.

Petrol coloured bedrooms

By choosing a petrol shade, you're opting for a strong colour that radiates a lot of calm. A trendy blue-green-grey shade can create a feeling of serenity: a perfect choice for a bedroom!

Natural materials, woods and green plants harmonise with this modern shade. In terms of colour, combinations with white, various shades of grey or gold tones as highlights are a good match.

Colour card Colour card

If you don't want to go for white furniture, how about an upholstered bed in an expressive petrol colour?

Play with colour tones and go for different turquoise and greenish colours for matching bedroom decoration.

Green plants go well with the vibrant colour petrol. A top tip of ours is to choose plants with rounded leaves as these promote relaxation in bedrooms.

When choosing a bedroom rug, you can go for green and blue tones or choose timeless classics in white or grey tones.

When choosing a wall colour, you can already set the colour tone. If you choose furniture in subtle shades of white as pictured here, a colour change is also easy.

Petrol-coloured candles, vases or flowers can be placed on side tables or chests of drawers to create a rounded colour concept.

Earthy tones in bedrooms

Earthy tones radiate warmth, security and reliability. A combination of different kinds of wood and earthy tones such as beige, maroon or golden brown will bring a piece of nature into your bedroom.

Make sure that the main colour you use in your bedroom is not too dark. Dark brown tones used for a large area tend to have an overbearing effect.

Colour chart Colour chart

Matching types of wood, lots of light and well-chosen room textiles set the tone in this bedroom. (Hotel Falkensteiner Kronplatz)

You can easily create a colour mood throughout the entire bedroom with candles and vases in matching colours.

Nature in a bedroom, outside and inside: walls made of expanded clay, grey back wall made of acoustic felt, well-fitting to this bedroom decorated in natural tones.

Not only the colour, but also the material can create an earthy feeling related to nature: clay vases are a great accessory for an earthy living concept.

Earth tones and wood harmonise. If you choose wooden furniture for your bedroom, be careful not to overload the room with it. Wall colours can provide balance.

Flowers always and everywhere, as Monet once said. These flower vases are made of brown STYLIT sheep wool and radiate nature and warmth.

For a bedroom with an earthy natural look, there are numerous types of wood and wood colours for the bed, chest and chest of drawers.

Rugs in brown, cream, white or warm grey tones go very well with a bedroom decorated in earthy tones. Try out what goes best with your floor.

Bedroom colours to be avoided

Even if we do not consciously think about colours when we sleep, they do influence our mindsets and our bodies. Colours help us to switch off or contrarily have an energising, invigorating effect. Based upon these factors, we have noted the following:

  • Bright and strong colours like orange, yellow or red have a vitalising effect and invigorate your temperament. Having such colours in a bedroom can mean that you are no longer able to fully relax and that consequently, your sleep is negatively affected.
  • Completely dark colours such as black, black-blue or a deep dark brown can have a gloomy effect, and may increase feelings of sadness or loneliness. These colours are better suited to setting accents in a room. Think flowerpots, a rocking chair, rugs or vases in such colours. These provide highlights and variety in a room.

When deciding on a colour for your bedroom, you can always choose a colour that matches the basic tone of your favourite colour - but in a softer, cosy shade.

When choosing wall paint for your bedroom, don’t be afraid to invest a little more. For instance, the choice of a emission-free wall paint will ensure a healthy indoor climate.

Ecological wall paintssuch as clay, lime or silicate paints, made without preservatives and softeners not only improve your indoor air, but are also kinder to the walls of your home.

Sheep wool bedroom rugs

By choosing a natural virgin wool rug, you can beautifully accessorise your bedroom. Whatever the colour, a rug will always radiate warmth. Within our selection, you can choose from a wide range of colours and weaves to suit your colour scheme.

Spoilt for choice? Pick your four favourite patterns - we'll be happy to send you four samples free of charge to help you make your choice.